3 Ways Productivity Affects Your Overall Business Success

Egg MarketingProductivity is such a buzzword in the workplace. But the question is: What can it actually do for your business? Is it actually worth investing in technology (money) or training (time) to become more productive? How can incorporating technology, processes, and best practices actually make you better at your job?

Yes, productivity is an overused term, but for good reason. With the right strategies, it can skyrocket your sales. The key is knowing which productivity techniques will help you best.

1. The Right Software Helps You Sell More

With so many sales and marketing platforms out there, it can be hard to know which are worth you investing time and money into. Focus on those that are simple to use, and that help you achieve your goals faster. All-in-one CRM platforms can help you organize your leads and contacts, stay on top of sales opportunities, and nurture those relationships over time.

Social media dashboards allow you to monitor who’s talking about your brand so you can respond promptly, and provide great research to help you better understand your customer. Email marketing software makes it easy to attract leads to your sales funnel and move them toward conversion through drip campaigns. And project management software can help you and your sales team stay on top of leads, providing value at every step so that no one falls through the cracks.

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2. Productivity Tools Let You Provide Better Customer Service

Your job doesn’t stop when a customer makes a purchase. It’s just as important to continue to nurture that relationship after the sale, as well as provide outstanding customer service over time.

Using an auto-attendant on your phone system provides a level of professionalism that customers expect, and makes it simple for them to reach the department or person they want to talk to.

Chatbots can not only answer common questions from customers on your website or a third-party messenger app, but they can also help you sell more products by understanding what a customer is looking for and even offering a coupon on a purchase.

And your website analytics can also help you provide better customer service: by understanding which pages or products visitors are frequenting, you can center your sales and marketing campaigns around these to boost sales. If there are issues with your site, like a high cart abandonment rate, you can see this in your analytics and take measures to fix what’s broken.

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3. Processes Streamline Your Work

Another way that productivity can help you is by creating repeatable and scalable sales processes. Much of what you do to sell a product is repetitive, so by writing out your processes, not only will you improve your own workflow, but you can also easily train new sales professionals on the process. You ensure consistency with everyone in the sales department, providing a more cohesive sales experience for customers.

What does a sales process look like? For each stage of the buyer journey, you have multiple ways to reach out to and provide value to leads based on what their concerns are at that stage. You have an automated email drip campaign set up and ready to go. You have a process for adding leads to your CRM. And for that extra touch, you have a process defined for personally reaching out to nudge leads into buying.

The secret of productivity is: It looks different for everyone. Where one strategy might be perfect for your coworker, you might need an entirely different approach. Be open to trying different strategies, tools, and software, then adopt the ones that make you more effective, that make your work easier, and that help you close more sales.

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