7 Sure Ways To Increase Sales Using Email Signature Marketing

newoldstamp logoEmailing is an essential marketing channel that steers a huge wheel of digital sales. It can either make your company memorable amongst its leads or turn it into a brand everyone hates hearing about. The trick is utilizing the great potential emails grant you and making it efficient. We believe that email signature marketing is the most vital part here. So, how can you make it actually work? Let’s find out!

0. Do use email signatures for marketing and sales

If you’re second-guessing whether it is a good idea to spend time making non-ordinary email signatures, consider this. How many emails does your company send daily? And monthly? Think about every single email each of your employees sends. Even if it is something not related to your business, any addressee might be interested in your service. And a nice signature will work as an ad in this case. Thus, you should seriously consider perfecting it!

1. Add a photo to personalize the message your signature sends

People trust cheery faces. Even if you find yourself a classy, serious businessperson, your face in an email signature will make it much more appealing and eye-catching. Just look at 2 signatures below and ask yourself which one will get more attention.

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2. Add links to your social profiles in an email signature

SMM is extremely important nowadays, no doubt. But first you need to show future customers your profile. Apart from remarketing, email signatures might be the best way to do so. Add 3-5 links to your social profiles so that recipients can instantly visit those pages and understand who you are.

Developing relationships via social media is a crucial part of selling. The more people are following your profiles, the more leads you have. Thus, if social icons are included to your signatures, you will have more conversions in a long perspective.

3. Create a promotional banner to advertise via email signatures

An email signature consists of some text, a photo, and small social icons. That’s a lot of information concentrated. So, you might want to make sure people get the message right away. And the best way to do so is by including a promo banner to your signature. You can mention sales, social events, or holiday greetings in those banners. Whatever you choose, it will take almost half of your signature, making it easy to catch people’s attention.

Therefore, email signature banners are sufficient ways to turn your leads into customers. For example, you can mention a discount in your banner, so some people who have long been considering buying your product will actually do so. Thus, your sales will increase with almost no extra effort!

4. Call-to-actions are the best email signature marketing practice

Although you can add anything to your banner, we recommend implementing CTAs to them. When your recipient sees something like that, they subconsciously consider doing what they are told. It is plain psychology that seems to work just fine, so why not use it for your benefit?

You should create and use promotional banners according to the stage of the sales funnel your lead is in. For instance, you can raise awareness by saying something like “Check out the easiest way to promote your brand”. Then turn interest into consideration by saying “Book a free demo here”. So on and so forth.

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5. Make your email signature design perfect

Thus, pay attention to the design of your email footer. It might be challenging to perfect it though, as signatures should be written in HTML. Therefore, we strongly advise you to use an online email signatures generator, for example, Newoldstamp. It allows you to create a signature with an online tool and manage all the banners, social icons, and other stuff.

Everything mentioned above is equally important. However, you should make all your signature’s components look neat and pretty. Use matching colors that get noticed, so that your CTAs truly stand out. The more engaging your signature looks, the more chances are that people will click on the links!

6. Let all your employees have a similar email signature

As we have mentioned above, hundreds of thousands of emails might be sent from your colleagues or employees every day. Each and every message sent without a signature is a huge opportunity lost. That is why all your staff should have a similar signature installed. Talking about online signature generators, they also allow you to make a master signature and send it to people for minor modifications.

7. Make your email signatures branding consistent

Now that you have everything set make sure your brand is consistent in everything. All the elements should be made in a similar style and with a certain idea. Don’t just add some beautiful banners to your signatures. Think about what message you want to send. Even your name and position added to a signature create a particular image of your brand.

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