Five Ways Sales Coaches Can Differentiate Using Video Coaching

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance”

Timothy Gallwey

Refract.aiFor the benefit of all, the world of Sales has at last stirred into life and acknowledged, with enthusiasm, that developing their frontline reps is an essential piece of the puzzle that is success.

Understanding how reps sell in practice, and whether or not they can demonstrate the desired sales skills, has shot up the priority list for many a Sales Leader with plenty now seeking ways to harness the potential of their team.

Naturally, this only bodes well for the plethora of Sales Coaching, Training and Performance organizations across the world; more awareness equals more prospects and future clients.

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However, this comes with the caveat of increased competition. More people want to cash in on sharing their accumulated expertise to help others drive performance and ultimately increase bottom line revenue.

The question is, with this ever-increasing prospect pool and coaches appearing everywhere, how do I stand out?

One such way is through Video Sales Coaching.

Here at Refract, we have created a Video Coaching Platform that helps Sales Consultants not only stand out from the crowd but also add an extra string to their bow to truly provide tangible value to their clients.

Below are 5 ways, in which Video Sales Coaching can help Sales Performance organizations stand out as the optimal vendor:

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Pitching for Business

Before engagements have even commenced, you have to win the business. Now whilst each opportunity will have its own specific needs and desires, many organizations will go in with a blanket approach…

“We’ll do 2 days with your team over 4 weeks focussing on XYZ”.

Imagine instead of going to a meeting and saying…

“We’ll do two days with your team over 4 weeks focussing on XYZ, with online Sales Roleplay included showing our commitment to your success beyond the classroom”.

By demonstrating a desire for their benefit, and understanding that Leaders want reps to improve without over-committing to time spent engaging in non-selling activities, Consultants can stand out as a people who are not only aware of business circumstance but switched on as to how to achieve maximum output.

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Pre-Assessment for Focussed Engagements

So you’ve won the client, now to prepare for the topics to cover. Sure, the Sales Leader will have an indication as to where it’s going wrong across their team, but if they already knew specifically, they’d have addressed it, right?

Creating challenges, of common, client specific scenarios, prior to spending time with their reps can help provide a much greater insight into how they are actually selling in practice.

If you’re going to work on call openings, imagine being able to see exactly how reps would open their conversations prior to beginning an engagement!

Pre-Assessment for Focussed EngagementsBy getting a flavour of what’s truly going on in the day to day, not only can Coaches ensure they are providing performance focussed feedback, but also that the time spent with the reps is reaping the maximum reward.

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Prove Success/ROI Post-Training

On the flip side, for Sales Coaches and Trainers alike, the recurring challenge is demonstrating the impact their services have had on a business.

This is where Scenario Challenges enable Consultants to truly differentiate. Video roleplays are able to evidence not only the impact Coaches have had, but also, for the reps themselves, to showcase the adoption of the methodology imparted upon them and demonstrate the implementation of their new found sales skills.

By providing quick follow up activities, beyond the face to face client engagement, Coaches and Trainers can reinforce the learning and prove to their clients how powerful the impact has been upon their team which can only lead to longer term relationships.

Prove Success/ROI Post-Training

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Coach the Coach

There are only so many hours in the day so for clients with a larger salesforce, a time will come in which the baton must be passed to the their Sales Managers to continue the coaching and ensure reps have adhered to the expertise the Sales Coach has delivered.

By utilising a Video Coaching Platform such as Refract, a Coach can enable those who are internally responsible for the development of reps to be prepared to handle those scenarios.

Not only does this guarantee the positive impact upon an organisation but it also gives Sales Leaders peace of mind that the hired expertise won’t evaporate with the Coach’s departure.

If 84% of learning is lost over the first 90 days, instructing a Coach in how to coach themselves safeguards from such a drop off taking place.

Coach the Coach

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Build Client Specific Libraries of Excellence

Imagine an on demand library of Sales Excellence, specific to each client, accessible only through your Training organisations front door. How powerful a differentiator would that be?

By taking model responses to Video Sales Roleplays, Sales Performance organisations can create a folder of “champagne sales” taken right from the mouth of that client’s top performers.

This can then be visited, on demand, by reps who are looking for great examples of an objection they just came up against, to see how to handle it better next time.

Or on day 1, by a brand new starter, wanting to learn exactly what a fantastic elevator pitch for their organisation looks like.

As a Coach, you can not only provide access to this treasure trove, but add your specific feedback to ensure reps are continuously on the right lines and putting into practice the work that you engaged with during your time with them.

Refract enables Sales Coaches to put into action all 5 of these points, ultimately helping them to stand out from the crowd as an expert who is committed to their clients development, there for the long haul and can demonstrate precisely the massive ROI their expertise can have on an organisation.

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