How to Improve Your Sales With a Chat Software

proprofs logoAre you feeling you’re not getting the most out of your sales? Are you searching for new ways to improve sales techniques that you use? There’s no way your answer to these questions is not affirmative. No matter how satisfied you are with the performance of your existing sales, increased sales can only bring better results.

And to improve sales, you have to work on different aspects of your business. Above all, you have to build a stable relationship with your customers. In the first place, you should take your communication with them to a higher level, which can be easily done using live chat for sales.

How to Improve Your Sales With a Chat Software

However, since the activation of live chat support brings no results if you don’t use the software effectively, you should also learn to use it strategically. In other words, you should think about the ways in which you can generate leads with live chat.

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How to Use Live Chat for Sales to Improve Sales Techniques?

One way to boost sales is to improve your sales techniques using live chat software. In this section, we aim to see what live chat strategies you can implement to increase the sales of your business hassle-free with a chat tool.

How to Improve Your Sales With a Chat Software1. Engage with visitors using personalized chat invitation

While customers may or may not decide to reach out to you, you’ll increase the chances of lead generation if you take a proactive role. Apart from providing easily visible chat buttons and answering questions promptly, you can also initiate the conversation on your own.

The best part of a personalized chat invitation is that you don’t have to send it to all visitors. Instead, you can target those that seem to be needing help. And you can find out who they are by monitoring their onsite behavior and keeping track of your website analytics. The art of tailoring ideal personalized chat invitation is based on:

  • Recognizing the types of leads that you should interact with
  • Determining the right moment for interaction with each type of leads

Some of the most frequent leads that may need your help are those who come from a specific geographic area, those who started a purchase process but didn’t finish it, those who seem confused (wandering through your website), etc.

2. Activate pre-chat forms to get to the point faster

Pre-chat forms can be a great way of getting familiar with your website visitors and at the same time, speed up the problem solving or purchase process. Using pre-chat forms, you can easily get to know relevant information about visitors, such as names, age, and contact details.

How to Improve Your Sales With a Chat SoftwareYou can also include questions regarding the issues that they’re experiencing or questions that they have so that both visitors and agents won’t spend too much time explaining. Instead, they will be able to start solving the issue as soon as the real conversation starts.

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3. Rely on canned responses to increase agents’ efficiency

Canned responses can improve the sales technique that you use by shortening the sales cycle. Quick, predefined responses help you increase the speed of reaction and keep your potential prospects satisfied. All you have to do is activate canned responses and select the ones that you need at a specific moment.

Not only do the canned responses let you keep the prospects by providing fast replies, but they also increase your agents’ efficiency.How to Improve Your Sales With a Chat SoftwareAccording to, well-used canned responses can save your agents up to half an hour a day. This means that they get an additional 30 minutes to interact with a larger number of visitors, which can have a highly positive impact on lead generation and sales improvement.

4. Use post-chat surveys to check on visitors’ experience

What if your agents or your live chat for sales harm your sales and you don’t realize that? What if their poor performance significantly drops your sales and you don’t realize that?

Luckily, you do have an easy solution to this problem. Since nobody will provide you with more sincere and direct feedback than the prospects that have used your live chat, all you have to do is to use post-chat surveys.

Practically, post-chat surveys let you collect visitors’ feedback on your agents and software performance: all you have to do is ask the right questions. Rely on provided opinions and suggestions and change the critical aspects to start using your capacities to improve your sales level.

Final Thoughts: Generate Leads With Live Chat

To generate leads with live chat, you should improve sales techniques by making use of essential live chat features. Practically speaking, what you should do is try to get the most out of personalized chat invitations and canned responses.

At the same time, you should work on increasing efficiency through the use of pre-chat forms and post-chat surveys. Combining these practices wisely, you’ll be able to see positive effects sooner than you expect: about 79% of businesses state that well-developed live chat has positively impacted both their sales and customer loyalty.

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