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SalesTech Star Interview With Marta Aserigadu, Head Of Strategic Partnerships At Talent Alpha

Marta joins us in this exclusive QnA to share her experience and tips when it comes to building Strategic Partnerships in B2B/Tech Sales.

Can you tell us a little about yourself Marta (your past work experiences, a bit about a typical day at work!) and your journey so far at Talent Alpha?

I have been working in the recruitment industry since its inception in Poland and gained  my first experience in a local consultancy firm. Since then I have been focusing on global enterprises such as Google, IBM and Facebook in Poland and abroad. In the last 10 years, I have supported over 150 global brands in locating their green field projects.  I had thought a lot about the future of the recruitment industry even before Talent Alpha came calling. This industry, as every other, is going through a phase of digital disruption  which is opening up completely new paths. Talent Alpha is bringing disruption to the recruitment industry by implementing a global B2B Human Cloud, enabling the future of work trends to spread worldwide. I knew from the very beginning that I needed to be a part of this revolution.

As someone who is leading Strategic Partnerships at Talent Alpha, what are some of the biggest challenges that you face?

We are introducing an innovative solution to the world of the total workforce which has not  changed in the last 20 years. My work is more focused on educating and informing key stakeholders about this disruptive approach. Luckily this industry is full of open-minded people.

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Given the easy access to customer insights and sales technology, sales people can innovate across channels when prospecting…what are some of the most innovative prospecting strategies / sales campaigns you’ve run so far?

Sales people can’t try to innovate- they must innovate! There’s no longer a place in sales for a person that cannot assist their client in a journey that goes through whole process. My favorite is the challenging approach- when you speak about facts but listen to emotions.

What would you advise sales teams in tech to keep in mind when prospecting, or specifically, when prospecting during the holiday season?!

The holiday season can be your perfect selling time but only if you prepare for it. Identify prospects that are working over this period (surprisingly quite a lot of them!), set up meetings – this period is free from urgent issues. You can easily do this. Once you’ve done this – they will focus on you more than ever!

What are your thoughts on the future of sales/sales tech? How do you eventually see sales tech playing a role in the future role of a typical B2B/sales professional?

Sales is going in the same direction as all other streams. Automation and robotics are replacing transactional activities that you spend most of your time on. But even the best software or AI in the world won’t replace networking. Get away from your computer. Meet, speak, be. Let technology do the rest!

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Can you share some of your biggest Sales lessons so far  in your career (your time at Hays, etc)

The power of recommendation. We all know it works but there were times in my life where I managed to build such confidence in a brand that nothing else was really needed. I was selling peace of mind.

What’s the smartest sales hack that you can share with the audience?

Don’t sell! Small talk, opinions at an event, presentation, last holidays. Anything but your company or product. Sooner or later they will pay this back and  do your job themselves and thank you for doing it. The client leaves with new ideas about certain challenges and you leave with a hot lead.

Tag (mention/write about) the one person in the industry whose answers to these questions you would love to read!

Matthew Dixon

Your favorite Sales/Sales Tech quote

“The sales begins when the  customer says yes”- but I have no clue who’s the author- forgive me for this!

Tell us about some of the top sales/sales tech events that you’ll be participating in (as a speaker or guest!) in 2020!

I like small events. This  is always the best networking opportunity. This year I chose only the ones with less than 300 selected participants and planned how I would  network!

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