New Forbes and SITO Institute Research Reveals How Marketers Derive Better Returns and Increase Enterprise Value Through Location Data

New research from Forbes and the SITO Institute for Consumer Behavior and Location Sciences shows how high-performing marketers (exceeding growth plans by over 25%) are achieving 5% better returns on marketing investments and over 7% higher levels of growth performance by deploying data-driven marketing performance systems to make better decisions about marketing resource allocations, creating better brand engagement, demand generation and sales outcomes. Download the report here:

Location intelligence has emerged as the critical ingredient to building predictive real-time marketing measurement models that create value and growth at scale across the entire marketing mix. Mobile media and applications represent the world’s largest living data universe, with an installed base of 2.8 billion users who spend 3.3 hours a day on smartphones.

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“The Forbes report shows that location data is (or should be) the cornerstone of consumer insights that drives go-to-market strategies. The ability to track consumer behavior over time and in-the-moment allows for real-time marketing and personalization, which leads to better customer engagement, improves marketing efficiency and drives better business outcomes that impact enterprise value,” said Bruce H. Rogers, Founding Managing Director of the SITO Institute for Consumer Behavior and Location Sciences.

“Location-based data insights can help organizations unlock significant value by eliminating the obstacles to aggregating, integrating and developing models that connect online and offline channels and by demonstrating the downstream sales impact of upper funnel marketing investments and actions, improving measurement competency, customer understanding and marketing effectiveness,” said Stephen Diorio, Principal Analyst for the Forbes CMO Practice and the author of the report. “We’re pleased to partner with the SITO Institute to bring this practice to light.”

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