Markel Corporation Appoints New Vice President of Sales and Business Development

Frederick W. May Jr. Brings Sales Acumen and Expertise In Aerospace and Electronics Industries

Markel Corporation, the leading industrial technology manufacturing company making fluoropolymer-based products, announced that Frederick W. May Jr. has joined the team as Vice President of Sales focused on aerospace and electronics. May brings his depth of industry knowledge to this role where he is responsible for identifying new, and extending existing, opportunities for Markel’s innovative product portfolio.

May has over 20 years of leadership experience, including executive sales and business development roles at large manufacturing organizations in the aerospace and electronics industries. A results-driven sales leader, May spent five years at Vishay Precision Group where he was responsible for business development and channel management. Before that, May drove sales and managed all major accounts for ESL Electroscience in North America.

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“From the first conversation with the team, it was clear that Markel Corporation was in the midst of an evolution,” said May. “Not only is the company deepening its presence in aerospace and electronics, but it is also expanding the product line to meet the unique needs of those industries by offering solutions that achieve the ideal balance of unrelenting reliability and cutting-edge innovation. I am thrilled to be here and bring Markel’s fluoropolymer-based solutions to the global market.”

Headquartered in Pennsylvania, the company is a subsidiary of Alliance Holdings and is an employee-owned business. Markel is an industrial technology manufacturing company making PTFE and other fluoropolymer-based products for global customers in the automotive, heavy transportation, aerospace, electronics, telecommunications, wastewater separation and filtration industries. A pioneer in the use of high-performance fluoropolymer solutions, Markel has combined proprietary manufacturing processes and patented technology to become a solution-oriented partner to a global customer base.

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“Fred’s sales acumen, deep industry expertise, and relationship approach make him an ideal business development leader for us,” said Jon Kirchner, Chief Executive Officer at Markel Corporation. “Fred is a proven sales leader, skilled at building both enterprise and channel opportunities, which will prove critical in meeting Markel’s strategic goals for 2019 and beyond. It has been an exciting year here at Markel and Fred is a great addition to our team.”

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