Introducing X3: Xevant Announces the Launch of Its Completely Redesigned Client Analytic Software

Xevant is excited to announce the launch of X3, an elevated, advanced, and all-encompassing analytic system that will deliver enhanced functionality, improved performance

X3 will accelerate client performance optimization to new levels of automation through its upgrades that enable greater speed to insights. X3’s “digital analytic assistant” approach provides autonomous and continuous expert analysis of health benefit claims with a primary focus on pharmacy benefits. “Every new X3 functionality is geared towards assisting our customers to quickly and efficiently identify client performance trends before they become irreversible problems,” said Brandon Newman, CEO and Co-Founder of Xevant. “With Xevant’s latest technological advancements, customers can now view, manipulate, and optimize performance across dozens of reports and insights all at once instead of being forced to review each report individually.”

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The culminating result of nearly a full year of planning, analysis, design, development, and testing is an extremely simple to use software platform with over 50 interconnected dashboards, nearly 1,000 widgets and reports, and dozens of new functionalities and enhancements. In the fast-paced world of health benefits where costs are always on the rise and change is constant, Xevant delivers on its core promise of simplifying benefits management and reducing the overall cost of healthcare. Welcome to the new world of benefits reporting where automated client performance is the new norm.

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The founders of Xevant saw an obvious lack in the intricacies of data reporting within the benefits industry especially centered around pharmacy, and built software on the premise that client analysis and management shouldn’t be a difficult process requiring large amounts of time and effort to simply run and review reports. When the mundane and tedious process of data collecting, analysis, and reporting is no longer required, there can be more focus where it should be – identifying problems and opportunities that inevitably arise and determining specific actions to quickly resolve or take advantage of them. Data automation and performance optimization at its core is what Xevant is all about. Xevant reduces client claims cost and improves patient health resulting in increased client satisfaction and retention rates while delivering lower internal operational costs. 

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