HashedIn Partners With AWS, Salesforce, and Redis Labs to Support Next-Gen Intelligent SaaS Companies

With the strategic partnerships with AWS, SalesForce, and Redis Labs, HashedIn plans to build game-changing, intelligent SaaS solutions for its global clients

With nearly a decade of demonstrated technical expertise in delivering robust Cloud solutions to clients worldwide, HashedIn is one of the top 10 companies from India to earn the AWS Advanced Consulting partnership status and among the top 5 companies to get AWS 50 Certified. The partnership enhances the agility and developmental capabilities of the team to deliver high performing, innovative Cloud solutions.

HashedIn is also a tech p artner for Redis Labs for consulting, support and specialized workshops. Moreover, the company has a strong partnership with SalesForce Heroku platform which enhances their capabilities to build digital solutions like bots, analytics, portals and loyalty apps. These partnerships with the giants of the digital ecosystem will enable HashedIn to build revolutionary intelligent SaaS products and deliver greater value to clients.

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“We are an innovation-driven company and our focus has always been to build the right partnerships and technology to deliver intelligent SaaS solutions,” said Himanshu Varshney, Founder & CEO, HashedIn Technologies. He added, “With HashedIn as their Digital Technology Partner, companies can access cost-effective, powerful solutions to scale their business.”

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HashedIn is continuously innovating and improving their technologies to achieve better performance. The team has created popular open-source frameworks like SQueaLy. HashedIn’s own product portfolio includes MeetNotes, a meeting assistant tool, and RDB tools, a cross-platform GUI for optimizing Redis. Using their technical proficiency, and advanced SaaS capabilities, the company develops winning SaaS applications that are powered by AI/ML, Integrated, Analytics-driven, and designed with modern UI/UX features.

The strategic partnerships further enhances the team’s capabilities to deliver a range of specialized IT services including product innovation, modernization, cloud migration, integration, data analytics for insights, machine learning, API Management and more.

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