Leadspace Joins Radius Brand; Set to Disrupt B2B Data Intelligence Ecosystem


Radius and Leadspace, the Two Leaders in Data Intelligence for B2B Sales and Marketing Have Announced That They Are Joining Forces Under the Radius Brand

In a mega-MarTech partnership news, Radius and Leadspace have announced that they are joining forces under the Radius brand. The two leaders in data intelligence for B2B sales and marketing would be better positioned to cater to Radius’ 200+ marquee customers. The clientele includes American Express, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Microsoft, and MetLife.

Leadspace customers will gain access to Radius’ Network of Record, the industry’s gold standard in B2B data, and digital ad channels in a consumer-like product experience.

Leadspace Set to Add Muscle to Radius’ B2B Data Intelligence Platform for Marketing and Sales

Radius is positioned as the clear leader in Data Intelligence, helping top B2B brands find and reach buyers globally. The company also announced that Leadspace CEO Doug Bewsher becomes CEO and Radius founder Darian Shirazi becomes Executive Chairman.

Radius Launches Data Intelligence Solutions to Accelerate Sales Performance
Darian Shirazi

Darian Shirazi, Executive Chairman at Radius, said, “Uniting our diverse customer bases—with Radius serving Fortune 500 companies in financial and business services and Leadspace working with seven out of the 10 largest technology firms—brings the scale for even faster innovation and growth.”

Darian added, “Revenue teams investing in Radius can be sure they’re partnering with the market-leader offering ground-breaking technologies and the most trusted platform for growth.”

Leadspace and Radius to Map AI-Driven B2B Data Intelligence Technologies for Global Audiences 

Radius and Leadspace pioneer how revenue teams find the right data on the right buyers, and reach those buyers across any channel. Radius’ excellence in the US account-level intelligence, digital ad targeting, and data integrations is an ideal match with Leadspace’s proprietary people-level intelligence on global audiences and artificial intelligence technology.

Together, new and existing customers have the industry’s most comprehensive data intelligence solution that delivers the best account and people targeting alongside powerful data management, ABM execution, and integration to platforms like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, Pardot, and 500+ ad channels.

Doug Bewsher
Doug Bewsher

“I look forward to working with Darian and our teams to build innovative solutions that provide the world’s largest companies with the power of data intelligence to increase revenue,” said Doug Bewsher, now CEO of Radius.

Radius’ Network of Record Now Accessible to Leadspace Customers

Leadspace customers will gain access to Radius’ Network of Record, the industry’s gold standard in B2B data, and digital ad channels in a consumer-like product experience, while Radius customers benefit from greater AI on global decision makers and upgraded data management capabilities.

At the time of this announcement, Doug Sechrist, Vice President, Demand Marketing at Zenefits, said, “I have seen the power of both Radius and Leadspace. Together, these two technologies will provide a unique set of capabilities and use cases to power predictable, intelligent B2B marketing.”

This new backbone go-to-market platform solves for fragmentation in the growing marketing technology landscape. Now equipped with the most comprehensive data intelligence solution, customers can partner and grow alongside a single company, rather than stitching together multiple point-solutions.

Kerry Cunningham, Senior Research Director at SiriusDecisions, said, “The strengths of the two companies and products are really complementary, so bringing them together creates a formidable platform for B2B data and audience intelligence.”

Kerry added, “The combination of these two companies gives Radius a much stronger client base and global reach.”

Radius is poised to lead across the global data management, multichannel management, and predictive analytics markets. Currently, Radius has a global footprint for both the platform and the team and will continue to grow both innovation hubs in Israel and the US.