LiveRamp Partners with Inscape to Add Smart TV Data into Omnichannel Identity Platform

The Partnership Would Improve  Marketing Campaigns, Advertising Creative and More Accurately Target, Optimize and Segment Specific and Relevant Interactions Based on Smart TV Data

Inscape, the leading provider of smart TV viewing data and LiveRamp®, an Acxiom® company, have announced a partnership to bring Smart TV data for omnichannel identity resolution. This would help to connect LiveRamp’s IdentityLinkTM ID with Inscape’s ACR-generated, glass level insights from nearly nine million smart TVs. Further, this will allow marketers to better understand and connect with their customers. In turn, consumers will be able to benefit from more relevant brand interactions that are coordinated across digital and traditional channels.

This partnership brings the largest screen in the home, the TV, into the fold of devices measured for data-driven marketers and provides a holistic view of consumer audiences with TV viewing data that has granularity, precision, and scale. Bringing together the largest independent deterministic identity graph in the market from LiveRamp with the largest single source of opt-in smart TV viewing data from Inscape, allows platform partners and marketers to match online and offline data to smart TV viewing data. This intelligence helps inform marketing campaigns, advertising creative and more accurately target, optimize and segment specific and relevant interactions with consumers.

At the time of this announcement, Allison Metcalfe, General Manager of the TV at LiveRamp, said, “This is a very strategic integration that brings the speed, scale and transparency of Inscape’s smart TV viewing data to LiveRamp’s ecosystem platform partners, agencies and brands who leverage LiveRamp for identity resolution.”

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Allison added, “By tying viewership to LiveRamp’s IdentityLink ID, LiveRamp is making it possible for marketers to take a data-driven approach to better plan, target and measure their omnichannel marketing efforts.”

Marketers can map granular program or ad viewing data at the device level to any IdentityLink matched data set. Matching against near-real-time smart TV data gives marketers access to the information needed to better personalize and optimize marketing campaigns, understand ad exposures against cross-device/platform KPIs and measure business outcomes. LiveRamp platform partners can ingest smart TV viewing data tied to IdentityLink and bring TV touchpoints into their services offered for cross-platform analytics and measurement.

“As new advanced television efforts and initiatives evolve, having a strong identity link between device-level television viewing data and first and third-party data sets is imperative,” said Greg Hampton, VP of Business Development at Inscape.

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Greg added, “LiveRamp is making it possible for marketers to plan future marketing initiatives based on real data and better understand the results of omnichannel campaigns.”

Currently, Inscape is a TV intelligence company that captures highly accurate, up-to-date viewing data from millions of smart TVs. The company is a leading provider of automatic content recognition (ACR) technologies and comprehensive cross-screen metrics. Inscape’s TV audience viewing data is leveraged by OEMs, brands, agencies, networks, measurement companies, DMPs and marketing technology platforms to power massive transformations in the industry. Its glass-level insights bring a new level of speed, transparency, and actionability to the global TV marketplace.

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