Copper and Google SaaS Sales Alignment Partnership Ushers in the Era of Native CRM in Productivity Suites

Copper will leverage Google Cloud Platform and build on its history of tight integration with G Suite to deliver a productivity-first CRM tool available natively within Gmail

Copper, a Google-recommended CRM for today’s digital workplace formerly known as ProsperWorks, today announced that it will participate in the Google SaaS Sales Alignment program. Copper will help demonstrate how next-generation SaaS applications can build a productivity-first user experience within G Suite.

Copper delivers a new kind of cloud CRM that is focused on building relationships rather than simply managing them. Copper CRM operates natively within G Suite so that users never have to leave Gmail or interrupt their everyday workflow, thereby eliminating the tedious, time-consuming data entry that causes sales and marketing teams to abandon CRM deployments. The Copper integration with Google Cloud gives users the ability to access critical CRM data directly through Gmail, Hangouts, Data Studio and more. The SaaS Sales Alignment program will help Copper continue on its path to provide native functionality within the applications people use everyday to do their job.

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By moving to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Copper will be promoted and sold to current and prospective GCP customers through its SaaS Sales Alignment program, which will allow the company to scale globally with more than 12,000 customers in 110 countries. The move to GCP also will allow Copper to accelerate more machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence-driven features in its products that boost user productivity and experience.

“For too long, the CRM industry has been focused on getting people to enter data about what they did that day or to get a record of past interactions,” said Jon Lee, Copper CEO and cofounder. “Traditional CRM offerings were built for transactional sales people, which no longer cuts it for today’s new generation of relationship makers that make up the design-centric, mobile workforce. The company’s deep integration with Google Cloud will not only put us another step closer to making CRM a native feature of everyday productivity apps, but also scale that productivity-first approach to more and more customers around the world.”

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