Nucleus Research ROI Award Winner ICS+ Achieves 942% ROI with Salesforce

Provides integrated platform for all client-focused data and collaboration, leveraging a low-code no-code solution

ICS+, specializing in automation control systems and video solutions for commercial properties, achieved 942% ROI by deploying Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud solution with payback in six weeks and an annual average benefit of approximately $185,000.

Headquartered in Austin, TX, ICS+ builds its solutions for hospitals, hotels, airports, educational institutions and large residential estates. The company has grown over 12 years, meeting demand for custom video and audio systems with approximately 100 to 115 client engagements each year.

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“The low-code/no-code capabilities of Salesforce were an important factor in enabling ICS+ to make ongoing changes to its solution’s footprint as customer needs evolved. The company is able to perform enhancements and custom modifications internally and easily leverage the Salesforce Success Community as a support resource, in contrast to the complexity of updates with its previous deployment,” said Rebecca Wettemann, VP of research at Nucleus Research.

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Taking advantage of Salesforce’s Premier Success services, ICS+ realized two main benefits from deploying Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. This included improved functionality across cloud services with add-on capabilities from partners and integrated collaboration that keeps all client-related communication within a single application. Improved technology management, more efficient invoicing and improved sales tracking allowed ICS+ to achieve greater visibility into day-to-day operations with increased productivity. Consultant Cloud Co-Op was also instrumental in achieving high ROI, including training for future self-sufficiency.

Nucleus quantified the initial and ongoing costs of software subscription fees, consulting costs, personnel time, and time spent in training to quantify ICS+’s total investment in Salesforce. Benefits were quantified based on the average annual fully loaded cost of the employees using productivity factor to account for the inefficient transfer of time between time saved and additional time worked.

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