Salesmate CRM Launches Built-in Phone to Supercharge Sales Experience

Salesmate CRM takes a leap ahead and strengthens its offerings by releasing built-in calling feature to manage client communication more effectively.

Sales personnel can now make and receive sales calls without integrating or switching between two separate software. Salesmate CRM has recently launched a built-in phone feature for its users. Businesses can also get virtual phone numbers from different countries and communicate seamlessly with the local clients of a specific country.

Sales reps can work from independent locations and still appear as an entity to the customer by using a single phone number. The new feature gives users the flexibility of automatically distributing the calls for dividing the workload. It keeps sales teams on track and increases productivity with functionalities like auto call logging and re-routing calls till it’s answered. Sales personnel can interact seamlessly with customers and access client profiles even during the ongoing call.

There is more flexibility of managing call logs and activities from a single platform. With Salesmate’s new built-in phone feature, users can record incoming and outgoing calls, get useful insights with call reports, take important notes during the call, set pre-recorded welcome messages and seamlessly forward calls to their smartphone.

Calling reports are also available for providing feedback and training purposes. This will save overall sales time, increase call productivity and overall revenue.

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