Sandler And Playboox Partner To Drive Enterprise Selling Best Practices

Sales Effectiveness Leaders Transform Into A Guided Selling And Coaching System For Enterprise Sales

Sandler Training and Playboox today announced an exclusive partnership to deliver the Sandler Enterprise Selling System natively on Salesforce.

By integrating the premier methodology for complex B2B sales into Salesforce, Sandler will now be able to provide its customers with a guided selling and coaching system to drive consistent application of the market’s leading enterprise sales methodology.

“Sandler has trained thousands of companies on enterprise sales process execution best practices,” said David Mattson, CEO, Sandler Training. “Playboox’s sales process centric playbook software built on top of Salesforce made them the natural choice to enable Sandler customers to take the enterprise-selling skills and tools we teach in our programs and immediately apply them to assess and advance specific leads and opportunities within Salesforce.”

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Research shows that rigorous sales process execution together with high CRM adoption leads to superior and more predictable sales results. Unfortunately, most sales organizations struggle to achieve high sales process and CRM adoption because CRM systems are not designed to help salespeople manage or sales managers coach complex sales.

Sandler Playmaker – the combined Sandler-Playboox offering – is a complete enterprise-selling system designed to help salespeople and their managers collaborate to consistently apply proven deal-winning complex sale best practices and tools at each stage of their sales process to drive better and more predictable outcomes.

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“With tens of thousands of clients and over 250 offices worldwide, Sandler, without question, offers the world’s most successful sales system. This partnership will provide enterprise sales organizations with the ability to drive higher levels of selling and coaching effectiveness at scale,” said Daniel Zamudio, founder and CEO Playboox. “We’re delighted to partner with the world’s largest and most recognized sales training organization to make this happen.”

Together Sandler and Playboox will create a library of industry-specific playbook templates embedded with Sandler training fully configurable to each customer’s unique situation and delivered within Salesforce.

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