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Teesnap Welcomes a New Director of Operations and Director of Sales and Marketing to the Team

Teesnap, the fastest-growing technology company in the golf industry, is proud to welcome two new members to their executive team: David Barham, the new Director of Operations and Jeff Featherstone, the new Director of Sales and Marketing.

On the heels of month-over-month growth and surpassed revenue goals, Teesnap’s focus on providing superior service and solutions never wavered. The addition of Barham and Featherstone will ensure the company continues to meet its goal of staying at the forefront of technology and service.

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“Teesnap has hit a point in its growth cycle where we need extra support to continue our fast-paced growth and ensure we continually provide high-end service to our clients,” said Jason Copley, Vice President of Operations. “The skill sets and backgrounds of these two executives are tremendous. They’re great compliments to the existing leadership team here at Teesnap.”

Barham joins the Teesnap team with 15 years of experience optimizing operations with critical, thoughtful, and strategic analysis. His experience in building, developing, and mentoring diverse teams made him stand out.

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He joins Teesnap after successfully launching a new division at Vivint, which lowered logistics costs by $4MM. He also raised the global service level from 95 percent to 99 percent and minimized unbalanced inventory in the field. David brings to his new role a variety of skills that will lend themselves well to disrupting and innovating in the golf industry. In his spare time, he enjoys photography, listening to music, following technology trends, and spending time with his family.

Featherstone has 22 years of experience in sales with experience in almost every position imaginable. From being an individual contributor in a small business to building high-performing sales teams for Fortune 500 companies, he has a real passion for working with people and making a meaningful impact.

In the past five years, Featherstone built teams to specifically attack and improve user experience within the hospitality, smart grid/smart cities and distribution/transportation verticals. He could not be more excited to join the Teesnap family and work with its extraordinary sales and marketing team.

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