PandoLogic Launches Predictive-Analytics Portal for pandoIQ

Another Industry First for the Company Setting the Standards for Programmatic Job Advertising

PandoLogic, a leader in programmatic recruitment advertising, announced today the launch of the industry’s first predictive-analytics portal for job advertising. PandoLogic’s new portal features interactive dashboards that chart real-time performance data alongside proprietary predictive campaign benchmarks, offering employers full transparency into the effectiveness and ROI from their job advertising spend programmatically managed by pandoIQ. The new analytics portal is now available with pandoIQ, the company’s programmatic job advertising platform for enterprise recruiting.

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“pandoIQ’s new analytics portal gives employers instant access to the sought-after performance insights they need to make intelligent and timely decisions to optimize their recruitment strategy,” said Jonathan Bulkeley, PandoLogic’s CEO. “The new portal also demonstrates how our programmatic campaign algorithms adapt campaign strategies over time to stay on course as campaigns progress, so employers can be confident that they are getting the most value possible from their spend.”

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As pandoIQ’s algorithms programmatically manage the employer’s job advertising spend and campaign distribution strategies across 1000’s of sites, pandoIQ’s unique interactive dashboards consolidate data from all traffic sources and provide comprehensive views into actual performance alongside predicted performance estimates. Real-time and historical campaign charts illustrate actual performance measured against predictive benchmarks throughout the duration of the campaign period to signal if the campaign is on track or under-performing at any given point in time. The portal also provides up-to-the-minute and historical performance reporting on job views, applicants, conversion rates, and average cost-per-click and cost-per-applicant rates across all jobs.

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