Data Decisions Group Acquires Reach Analytics

Data Decisions Group, a leading provider of data, research and marketing services, announced their acquisition of Reach Analytics, a predictive marketing technology startup in Silicon Valley.

Data Decisions Group can now score a national prospect database in 6 minutes and produce an increase in customer acquisition results of 4-7X.

Marketers have an increasingly urgent need for ‘Smart Data’ to drive better decisions.  Many traditional predictive methods exist, but they are too slow while machine learning tools do not explain/describe their outcomes, so they provide no insights for management.

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“The consumer marketplace is fragmented with a strong need for on-demand personalization,” said Mike Hail, CEO at Data Decisions Group. “Marketers must have fast and accurate predictive decisions to drive relevant communication. No one produces better models more quickly than we do with the “Reach Predictive Platform”

Hail previously co-founded KBM Group, and he served as the CEO of Yankelovich.   Mike created the marketing services firm Data Decisions Group in 2016 in collaboration with long-time business partner Steve Lerner.

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The new DDG offering allows marketers to:

  • Access primary market research, data aggregation, data science and platform integrations.
  • Combine primary market research with database marketing for highly personalized and targeted communications.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of their customers and accurately reach their best prospects – in minutes with look-alike and response models.
  • Take campaigns from targeting and strategy all the way through execution

Steve Lerner, Chairman at Data Decisions Group observed, “If we can effectively organize primary market research with data aggregation and analytics using today’s marketing stack, the consumer enjoys a better customer experience and the marketer benefits greatly.”

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