VoiceSense Wins Speech Technology Magazine’s 2018 Speech Industry Star Performer Award

Company recognized for its AI-driven, speech-based predictive analytics technology for building personality profiles and forecasting behavioral tendencies

VoiceSense, an innovative provider of speech-based predictive analytics solutions, today announced that the company has won Speech Technology Magazine’s 2018 Star Performer Award for its groundbreaking speech-based predictive analytics technology used to build AI-driven personality profiles that forecast behavioral tendencies.

Speech Technology Magazine’s Speech Industry Awards recognize key influencers, important technology innovators and impressive client-side deployments from across the speech technology industry. VoiceSense has been acknowledged as a Star Performer for its contribution to the overall growth of the speech technology industry over the past twelve months.

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The VoiceSense technology works by analyzing the typical speech patterns of individuals, leveraging prosody, the non-content features of a person’s speech, such as intonation, pace and emphasis. VoiceSense assesses over 200 prosodic speech parameters and builds an AI-driven personality profile of an individual’s characteristics, such as if the person is risk-averse or risk-tolerant, impulsive or careful, honest, conscientious, sociable and other factors that organizations want to identify when they want to learn how to approach customers, increase sales, evaluate financial risk and recruit the right employees as well as other scenarios.

Since VoiceSense leverages the non-content parameters of speech, its technology is language- and culture-independent. The audio input used ranges from real-time phone interactions to recorded voice or video interviews, enabling both real-time responsiveness and offline trends-tracking over time.

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The outcome of VoiceSense’s analysis is a predictive score for a specific behavior, which is then automatically integrated into an organization’s decision-making processes and CRM data. VoiceSense significantly shortens and improves decision-making processes and is used by customers in various markets, including customer analytics, financial services, healthcare, human resources, entertainment, next-generation personal assistants and call centers.

For example, in the financial services sector, banks use VoiceSense to flag high-risk customers before granting loans, while in the healthcare sector, mental health professionals use VoiceSense as an automatic, remote tracking system that detects changes in patients’ health status.

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“As AI and machine learning advance by leaps and bounds, the speech technology industry is being transformed. You can see those exciting changes reflected in this year’s Speech Technology Awards, where the companies we are honoring enable everything from better customer service to diagnosing illnesses,” said Theresa Cramer, Editor of Speech Technology Magazine. “Congratulations to this year’s winners! The Speech Technology Magazine team can’t wait to see what you come up with next.”

“We are proud to be recognized with this award and its important validation of our growing leadership position in the market,” stated Yoav Degani, CEO at VoiceSense. “Over the past year, the demand and use cases for our technology have expanded significantly and we expect to be making a number of interesting customer announcements in the coming months.”

VoiceSense and its technology were also recently recognized with the Wealth & Finance International FinTech Award in the category for Best Emerging FinTech Technology.

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