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Jay Noce Explores the Phenomenon of Content Chaos

More than ever before, marketing success requires relevant and authentic content, both on and offline.

Jay Noce is the CEO of Charleston, South Carolina-based intelligent content production business, BravasLive.

Noce’s solution for relevant and authentic content is, on the surface of it, simple, and comes as no surprise in an age where content is king (or queen): orders of magnitude more content.

“This, however, when executed on a truly large-scale drive often comes with extraordinary costs, complexities, and compliance risks,” he explains. “It’s also the root cause of so-called content chaos, a phenomenon which affects businesses of all shapes and sizes.”

Noce has a point. According to a recent study by consulting firm McKinsey & Company, employees now spend, on average, up to 90 minutes per day drowning in this sea of content chaos.

“That’s almost 20% of an employee’s working day, week, or month, spent tangled up in content,” Noce adds. “That’s a mix of searching for, creating, and publishing content, among other necessities required to really succeed through this channel.”

The same McKinsey & Company study also shows that up to 85% of the time, those same employees fail to find or execute precisely what they intend to in 7 out of every 10 instances, further compounding the issue.

“The solution,” reveals Noce, “requires a re-imagined approach to content creation.”

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He continues, “At BravasLive, we offer the world’s most advanced intelligent content production solutions and services, applied with best practices, standards, and scoreboard-based metrics.”

Content chaos is not a new phenomenon by any means, but it’s a phenomenon which has snowballed in recent years.

A 2013 study by Aberdeen Group, an international market intelligence organization, revealed that 91% of marketers were both using and valued high-quality content.

At the same time, 32% of marketers believed that they were effectively executing enough content, while 27% reported effectively tracking content utilization metrics.

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Just five years on, however, the numbers look quite different, with Noce pointing out that closer to 99% of marketers now both rely on and valuable content. “Yet, today,” he adds, “considerably fewer marketers believe that they’re executing enough high-quality content, with similar numbers also now struggling to track their metrics effectively.”

“This,” Noce emphasizes, “is what content chaos looks like.”

As CEO of BravasLive, Noce believes he’s got the answer. “Our patent-pending solutions are all built on three defining pillars,” he adds.

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These, according to Noce, are the most advanced and comprehensive omni-media production automation technologies; best practice application of these technologies to maximize value and success; and transparent and contractual value delivery commitments.

“If a company’s challenges include keeping up with content production demands, containing production costs, accelerating speed and agility, or strengthening precision, control, and compliance,” adds Noce, wrapping up, “then it’s time to consider BravasLive.”

Jay Noce is a seasoned advertising technology and marketing leader. Noce has served as a C-level executive and private equity investor for over a dozen high-profile firms and is actively involved with numerous philanthropic ventures. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in economics from Randolph-Macon College and an MBA from Virginia Tech University, as well as certifications in a number of areas pertaining to leadership, sales, management, and mentoring.

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