Report: Content Marketing Key to Drive Meaningful Results; Video and ABM Surging

Informa Engage 2018 B2B Marketing Trends Report Shows Content Marketing Essential to Generating Meaningful Results

B2B marketers are scaling and optimizing their content marketing strategies, finding it valuable and effective to strengthen brand positioning, build engagement and generate qualified leads.

Informa Engage unveiled the second annual B2B Marketing Trends Report. The report offers insight into marketing trends, challenges and priorities of B2B marketers.

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Currently, Informa Engage connects marketers with B2B decision makers. By combining unrivaled reach, deep knowledge of specialist markets and sophisticated marketing, we engage buyers – activating real results for marketers.

In the ever-changing world of marketing, the B2B Marketing Trends Report shows three themes for the coming year:

Video for B2B Marketing and Sales

People watch Video and it’s gaining momentum in B2B. Videos highly visual storytelling activates brand interest, builds brand retention and enhances the buyer’s journey. Early adopters are increasing video usage, and as production and distribution costs become more accessible, more marketers will layer video into their strategies.

In the coming year, 60% of companies using video now, will increase their investments, with even higher numbers in Infrastructure (72%), Technology (67%), Financial Services (67%) and Health & Nutrition (65%).

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Account-Based Marketing Makes Automation Better! 

Account Based Marketing proliferates with marketers. 62% of marketers who use Account Based Marketing (ABM) intend to increase their investment in it. Companies of all sizes believe in ABM—even marketers who don’t have the dollars to automate ABM programs are exploring and developing their own manual solutions. ABM technology is also improving, with new techniques to monitor company-wide interests, and ways to make it easier to automate and track targeting.

Events, and Conferences

Events are the linchpin to B2B marketing. 70% of marketers selected events as a top tactic, and 61% find in-person events and trade shows are the most effective lead generation approach. But it’s not just the events, it’s the multi-faceted content marketing built around the event, with multi-touch pre- and post-show marketing efforts to surround attendees with relevant attention.

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“Last year our research showed that marketers were preparing to increase their investment in content marketing. It appears that marketers have used their dollars wisely,” said Scott Harris, Vice President – Sales Enablement, Informa Engage.

Scott added, “This year’s report confirms marketers are expanding their content marketing efforts as they progress from a broad approach to a more audience-driven focus. Reach efficiency and attribution are center-stage for marketer’s objectives heading into 2019, which we see reflected in the increased interest around Video and ABM. As the market continues to evolve, Informa Engage is uniquely positioned to help our customers take advantage of these trends within the niche B2B communities powering our global economy.”

About the Informa Engage: 2018 B2B Marketing Trends Survey

The survey was conducted among the Informa Engage brand audiences. Informa Engage invited contacts within its database of B2B companies to participate in an online survey about marketing challenges and trends. The annual survey was fielded online, between August 1 through August 25, 2018, with the objective of identifying key trends, insights, and analysis of the B2B marketing landscape to better understand the challenges and priorities in the year ahead. The methodology, data collection, and analysis were performed by Informa Engage and conforms to accepted marketing research methods, practices and procedures.

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