Ricoh’s augmented reality solution helps “The 25 Best Print Sales Tips Ever!” book evolve as fast as the print industry

At PRINT 18, author Bill Farquharson will sign his Clickable Paper-enabled book in the Ricoh booth, #3011

Ricoh USA, Inc. today announced plans to debut the Clickable Paper-enhanced “The 25 Best Print Sales Tips Ever!” book at PRINT 18. The book provides commonsense, field-tested tips for selling print. The addition of augmented reality (AR) allows for immersive experiences such as video sales tips, archived webinarswhite papers, and a free sales assessment test for sales reps and selling owners looking to up their game. Bill Farquharson, an experienced sales trainer in the print, signage, label and packaging industries, will be signing his AR-enhanced book at PRINT 18, at 1pm CT on Sunday, September 30th and 11am CT at Monday, October 1st in booth 3011.

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“This is a book that isn’t just about the future of print; it is the future of print,” said John Fulena, Vice President, Commercial & Industrial Printing Business Group, Ricoh USA, Inc. “Bill Farquharson shares our vision and understanding of what augmented reality-enhanced print brings to the table: increased engagement, interactivity, updateability. Clickable Paper allows content creators to continually add value for their audiences, from uploading videos to linking to websites to creating interactive games. It’s a game-changer for our industry’s future successes.”

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Clickable Paper bridges the offline-online gap, offering immersive, interactive brand experiences via an intuitive interface that doesn’t require special markings on the page itself. To access clickable content, users need simply to download the free mobile app and snap a picture of a clickable hotspot. To create a more immersive and enduringly effective reading experience, “The 25 Best Print Sales Tips Ever!” embraced AR to take a deeper dive into topics like prospecting, time management, and overcoming objections.

“AR-enhanced print is making waves throughout the industry. It’s transforming print into a truly digital experience by extending the longevity of printed campaigns, creating more engaging brand experiences, and making responding to print call-to-actions easier than ever,” said Farquharson. “The interactivity and updateability are excellent additions for direct mail campaigns, signage and other types of promotional print, but the opportunity in the book market is incredible, too. The amplified content addresses the broad spectrum of readers’ learning styles, and allows the author to continue to provide dynamic, relevant digital content well after the words go to print and the pages are dog-eared. I’m excited to see where AR takes books, and I’m proud to be a part of the wave.”

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