ISG Webinar to Outline Winning Sales Strategies for Technology and Service Providers

September 19 ISG Smartalk™ will reveal top five reasons providers lose deals

Information Services Group (ISG) (Nasdaq : III), a leading global technology research and advisory firm, will host “Top Five Reasons Providers Lose Deals,” the next webinar in the ISG Smartalks™ series, on Wednesday, September 19, at 10 a.m., U.S. Eastern Time.

The live, hour-long webinar will take a detailed look at how providers can lose deals by misreading client expectations, and identify the major contributing factors for success at every stage of the bid management process. The online event will be moderated by Peter Yu of ISG Research and feature expert commentary from panelists James Burke and Bauke Van Daalen of ISG Sourcing Solutions.

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“Developing, running and executing successful bid management programs can be a challenge,” said Phil Hugus, partner, ISG Research. “As a close advisor to the sourcing industry, ISG has had a front-row seat to countless sales cycles, and we’ve culled the top five reasons we see providers lose business. Our September 19 session will help participants learn from those mistakes, as we turn the reasons providers lose deals into specific strategies for success.”

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The ISG Smartalks™ session will coach providers on what clients are thinking at each stage of the sales cycle and how to understand a specific client’s perception of service providers. The webinar also will cover how to create and deliver new value propositions, hone market differentiators, employ effective listening techniques, and develop strategies for establishing the right bid teams and focus areas for a successful RFP.

“An efficient and effective pursuit strategy is a major contributor to long-term success,” Hugus said. “To win business, providers must build a sales strategy that meets the client’s expectations and follows a strong set of quantifiable goals. Understanding the reasons providers lose deals will equip participants with the skills and the knowledge to succeed at every stage of the sales cycle.”

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