Owl Labs Flies Into The UK Market

The 360° Meeting Owl conferencing camera launches following research that finds UK employees waste seven weeks a year in pointless meetings

Owl Labs, the video conferencing hardware company, has announced it is launching the Meeting Owl, the 360° smart conferencing camera in the UK. Arriving from 12th July, the Meeting Owl is one of the first IoT devices for the company conferencing room, designed to improve collaboration and productivity.

The Meeting Owl is a combined 360° camera, mic and speaker that captures conversations so naturally that customers say it feels like being in the room with the team. Remote participants see a 360° panoramic view of the room, while the Meeting Owl automatically highlights different people as they speak, so all members are connected as one cohesive team, regardless where they are.

Max Makeev
Max Makeev

Max Makeev, CEO of Owl Labs, said: “In an era of remote and flexible work the need for an effective working process, for those in and out of the office, is crucial. However, UK companies are so far failing to meet the needs of the modern workplace. The Meeting Owl delivers a more inclusive experience that aims to salvage those previously wasted hours spent in unproductive meetings.” Backed by Playground, Andy Rubin’s company, the launch of the Meeting Owl comes on the back of new research that revealed that nearly 80 per cent of UK employees are wasting as much as seven weeks a year in pointless meetings.

The OnePulse study of over 1,000 UK employees also found that an overwhelming number of workers say communication and collaboration declines immensely when working from home, with nearly 80 per cent admitting they have a hard time staying engaged when joining meetings remotely. A further 53 per cent feel their companies aren’t doing enough to meet the needs of modern day and remote flexible working.

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The Meeting Owl is also a wifi-connected device and works alongside a free mobile app that includes a number of features such as access to meeting room usage data and manual focus for the camera. Despite the advanced technology, the Meeting Owl itself is extremely easy to use by connecting to the main computer via USB. It is also compatible with all popular video conference products, including Skype for Business, BlueJeans, Google Hangouts and Zoom.

The Meeting Owl is now available for purchase for £799 on Amazon UK starting today.

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