PowerPost Unveils New Playbook For Creating ‘Intelligent Content’

“The Intelligent Content Playbook” Showcases the Best Content Optimization Strategies from Leading Marketing Experts

PowerPost, a leading content publishing platform for brand marketers, announces its release of The Intelligent Content Playbook, a new eBook distilling the best content creation strategies and optimization techniques from the industry’s top marketers. The Playbook gives immediate, actionable guidance on creating branded content that cuts through digital noise using today’s most advanced technology, trends and techniques.

Written by PowerPost’s Vice President of Marketing, Scott Fenstermaker, the Playbook teaches marketers how to create data-driven, authoritative content that will attract links, ranks and engagement in an increasingly competitive environment. The book explores advanced subject areas like AI, Content Intelligence, content repurposing techniques and incorporating original research.

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Inspired by Tim Ferriss’ Tools of Titans, the book collects and refines the best practices from guest instructors featured in PowerPost’s “Brand Publishing Masterclass.” The Masterclass is a unique, expert-level monthly webinar series for senior content marketers and directors. The Playbook features contributions from top instructors like Steph NissenAdele RevellaPark HowellMike BrownMichele Linn and Christopher Penn.

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“According to Buzzsumo, 70% of all content published in 2017 received zero inbound links,” said Fenstermaker. “Brands are now creating more content than customers are able to consume, which means that most marketing content must work harder to be noticed or linked. We wanted to create a book that teaches how to create ‘armor-piercing content’: authoritative, journalistic content based on competitive data, that drives recognition and traffic in an increasingly crowded field.”

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