DocuVantage Embeds dtSearch for Next Level SaaS Contract Management

Document Advantage Corporation, also know as DocuVantage, specializes in electronic document management.  dtSearch Corp. provides document filters to parse a wide variety of data formats and text retrieval to instantly search terabytes. Together, the companies announce DocuVantage OnDemand, which has embedded the dtSearch Engine for next level online contract management.

DocuVantage OnDemand securely stores contract information and enables virtual access for approved users through an online portal.  The system tracks user access and supports collaboration with version control.  The system also offers automated document review and electronic signature capabilities.  For online search through contracts and related documents, DocuVantage embeds the dtSearch Engine.

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“The resulting solution has greatly streamlined contracts’ processing for our SaaS clients,” says Dave Wiggins, CTO, DocuVantage.  “For example, one of our clients is a nonprofit organization with over 500 employees working on healthcare improvements in over 140 countries.  The nonprofit needs to continually enter into cooperative agreements, grants, consultant agreements, leases and the like.  Each new contract requires collaborative drafting and international multi-step review.”

“With the embedded dtSearch Engine, the organization can instantly search all of its worldwide contracts by entering in any combination of metadata and full-text search terms,” continues Mr. Wiggins.  “The SaaS platform has secured faster operations, more seamless compliance, as well as major cost savings for the client.  These savings can in turn be directed towards the nonprofit’s central mission of reducing health vulnerabilities and saving lives.”

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dtSearch’s core developer component, the dtSearch Engine, works across multiple platforms and operating systems to instantly search terabytes of data with over 25 full-text and metadata-driven search options. dtSearch’s proprietary document filters support a wide range of online and offline data covering numerous document types, emails plus nested attachments, website data and other databases.

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