Vidado Announces Immediate Availability of AI-Driven Document Sorting Solution, Vision

Vision automatically sorts unlimited numbers of documents thousands of times faster than humans

Vidado, a provider of intelligent automation (IA) solutions to the insurance, financial services, and pharmaceutical industries, is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the company’s document intake, sorting, and preparation solution, Vidado Vision (Vision).

Vision moves paper-bound, manual process into an AI-driven, digitally-automated state by identifying, sorting, and managing multiple, inbound documents for faster, more accurate, internal processing. Today, Vision enables organizations to implement a digital mailroom, for example, with little to no human involvement. Through the use of machine learning (ML), forms are quickly deconstructed and viewed as a human would to identify what the machine is looking at.

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“Vision AI works almost like an x-ray machine,” said Nowell Outlaw, CEO of Vidado. “It can see past distortions, such as creases, missing pieces, tears, or skewed scans, to identify the form and then extract the data on the form. We can even take low-resolution scans, handwritten documents, or documents that have been scanned more than once, and turn them into easily usable data. Since Vision offers the ability to upload files as-is, it effectively makes more projects feasible since costly, manual sorting or preparation is no longer necessary. Vidado has become one of the most crucial pieces of the data automation process by providing clients with a huge advantage against competitors who require extensive file organization before beginning a project.”

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Vision’s preparation of documents for data extraction and enhancement of the quality of the uploaded documents help Vidado achieve better-than-human accuracy in delivery of true automation-ready data. By working with the best data possible in the first steps of the process, performance improvements cascade throughout the subsequent workflow, leading to a significant increase in straight-through processing (STP).

Utilizing a robust, open API layer, all of Vidado’s solutions can be easily integrated into existing IT environments and provide an almost immediate return on investment (ROI). The company’s cloud-native, product platform allows for rapid implementations and speed-to-market and has been implemented successfully in more than 100 live customer environments.

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