Field Squared Releases Infographic on Three Benefits of Spatial Field Service Operations Data Analysis

Field Squared, Inc.™, the industry’s first Field Service Management Process Automation Platform, has released its infographic: Three Benefits of Spatial Field Service Operations Data Analysis. The infographic provides a visual walk-through of the time and space dimensionality of field service management, a concept made popular by Field Squared.

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Customers seeking a field service management solution typically focus on simple scheduling and work order management. Field Squared’s new infographic seeks to educate field service organizations to the undervalued benefits of conducting spatial field service operations data analysis as it relates to asset management and visibility.

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Spatial field service operations analysis is when insight is gained through spatially oriented information to manage field service work. The infographic details how cost-based reporting, field workforce efficiency and improving the customer experience all come into play.

“The lack of understanding of the time and space aspect of field service management is a missed opportunity for field service organizations,” said Mark Percy, VP of Technology at Field Squared. “Our infographic discusses how such analysis impacts an organization’s effective field service asset management strategy as well as their approach to automated workflows. The infographic is an educational tool we hope is also useful in making changes to current field service operations analysis processes.”

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