Email Marketing Statistics 2018: Nearly 1 Billion Emails Analyzed to See the Most Important Trends and Metrics for Ecommerce Marketers Before Black Friday

Omnisend Research Reveals that During Black Friday, Cart Abandonment Sales Drop by 31% but Winback Campaign Sales Jump 106%

Omnisend, the ecommerce marketing automation platform, today announced their latest email marketing statistics(including marketing automation and Black Friday metrics) based on 128,000 email campaigns and automated messages sent by more than 7,200 ecommerce brands during 2017 (more than 964 million emails).

Ecommerce Email Marketing Infographic (PRNewsfoto/Omnisend)
Ecommerce Email Marketing Infographic (PRNewsfoto/Omnisend)

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The most interesting numbers:

  • While cart abandonment emails still perform the best during Black Friday with a 1.65% order rate, that’s a decrease of 31% compared to the rest of the year
  • Winback (or customer reactivation) orders increased 106% during Black Friday, compared to the rest of the year
  • Automated emails have up to 309% higher open rates and 455% better click rates than bulk newsletter campaigns
  • Sending a series of 3 automated emails can lead to 90% more orders (compared to single emails)
  • November has one of the lowest open rates of the year (15.7%), but has a great click rate (3.2%)
  • For the highest conversions (10% on average), marketers can ask for up to 3 pieces of information in their popups

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According to Rytis Lauris, CEO of Omnisend: “This data is crucial for ecommerce marketers, as it helps them to carefully plan their email marketing strategy for the upcoming huge sales season, including Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and of course Christmas. The numbers suggest that during Black Friday, customer intent to buy is higher than average, but due to the increased competition, open and click rates are lower than average.”

The survey looked at:

  • the best-converting signup forms and popups, and how much information to ask for
  • the open, click and revenue rates for segmentation
  • the best time (hour, day, and month) to send email campaigns
  • the open, click and order rates for various automation workflows
  • Black Friday automated campaign metrics for 2017

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