Gig Economy Group Launches with New AI-Driven Business Process Management Platform to Drive Higher Sales and Profitability

New sales enablement technology changes the way companies and associations can engage and support sales teams and members in a time of digital transformation

Gig Economy Group (GEG) has announced the launch of the company’s new technology and website. GEG uses proprietary AI (artificial intelligence) technology to help sales forces know “what to do next” to increase the speed of on-boarding, increase engagement, retention and productivity. GEG is a leading Business Process Management (BPM) Platform designed to enable direct sales businesses and membership organizations to create and support a more informed and successful independent sales force

With the digitization of sales becoming more prevalent, sales teams look towards optimizing their strategies to become even more effective, efficient and productive. Sales enablement platforms need to continuously evolve along with digital transformation and have access to emerging technologies that improve productivity and speed administrative tasks in real time to dynamically deliver the most effective content to support each customer interaction.

Machine learning and a unique approach to AI enables GEG to harness the power of human knowledge and experience to proactively surface and present the most appropriate content or action for each individual user in every situation that they face. GEG uses this technology to help address the uniquely human and personal challenges of on-ramping into a new position, building momentum and confidence, and moving successfully toward business goals. This value enables sales, service and marketing teams to work more effectively to grow their pipelines, collaborate more effectively, move deals through the sales process faster, and increase win rates.

Dave Toole
Dave Toole

“We are proud to announce the release of a platform that empowers independent sales professionals with an experience that helps them determine what to do next in the sales process to increase revenue generation,” said Dave Toole, Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Gig Economy Group.

Dave added, “We combine machine learning and content marketing with our proprietary artificial intelligence workflow engine to optimize the sales journey. Imagine if you could determine which attributes would drive larger deal sizes, longer-term lifetime value and greater loyalty. This would change how a company assigns territories, prioritizes prospects and drives customer success management for existing clients. This is precisely why we developed the GEG platform.”

GEG Business Process Management Platform Features

  • Sales Enablement Technology: GEG leverages machine learning to proactively deliver sales training, consumer-facing content, and recommended next action steps that align with customer needs and drive more sales. The platform continuously learns, evolves, and becomes more powerful as the result of the human intelligence and actual sales data that it gathers and analyzes from across the entire organization.
  • Rapid Onboarding Meets Sales Effectiveness: Sales reps must acquire significant company and product-specific knowledge before they can successfully use their sales skills, which takes time and hinders their speed to market. GEG allows a sales rep to interact with the market immediately by bringing content and training to each sales rep, before they need ask for it. This dramatically decreases onboarding time and significantly increases sales effectiveness to drive revenue growth.
  • Proactive Next Steps for Every Sales Situation: The typical tool set for a sales rep is a portal for training, and another for content, which they must navigate to find the proper piece of content before continuing their journey.  This process slows down sales momentum and frustrates your frontline. The GEG platform empowers sales teams by proactively delivering the content and training required prior to each next step in the sales cycle, aligning the company’s product with customers’ interests and needs.
  • Data-Driven Insights from Machine Learning + Human Intelligence: GEG uses data-driven insights, machine learning, and ‘augmented emotional intelligence’ to harness the power of an organization’s human intelligence and experience in order to proactively surface and delivers the right information (consumer-facing content and sales training) and recommended next action steps for each individual user to take to maximize their opportunity for successful outcomes.
  • Measurable Business Results: By providing the content and training that aligns and supports a diverse sales team (in-house or remote), executives can immediately see the impact as related to their most important business metrics. With GEG’s AI-powered platform that minimizes time to market, sales rep enthusiasm and commitment increase, turnover falls, and sales and revenues increase.