Givaudan Implements Mediafly Globally to Strengthen Sales Force, Improve Marketing Content

Sales Enablement Technology Increases Flavor Industry Leader’s International Selling Power

Mediafly, a mobile sales enablement solution that enhances how brands engage prospective buyers, today announces the success of Swiss client Givaudan Flavours’ global rollout of its technology. Within a span of two years, Givaudan increased adoption of Mediafly from 125 users in North America to more than 900 enterprise users globally including Asia, Latin America, and Europe. With Mediafly’s sales enablement technology in place, Givaudan sales and marketing teams report improved alignment and knowledge of product specifications.

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“Before Mediafly, our sales and marketing teams weren’t always working in sync.” said Eric Spenske, Head of Marketing at Givaudan Flavors North America. “By that, I mean our sales team wasn’t efficiently using content from the marketing team and the marketing team wasn’t using insights from the sales team to create better, more tailored content. Mediafly has changed all of that. Our Account Managers are now equipped with more relevant content that they can find quickly enabling them to deliver the right messaging to the right people at the right time. Mediafly has empowered that and has been well worth the investment.”

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After implementing Mediafly as a sales enablement solution in North America in 2016 and experiencing rapid ROI, Givaudan decided to extend the platform to its entire global commercial team. By working closely with Mediafly, Givaudan was able to implement globally in a short three-month timeline.  Givaudan’s direct results of using the technology include increased sales and marketing efficiency, faster onboarding for sales reps with information available at their fingertips, deeper knowledge of specific product lines and an improved storytelling ability during meetings with customers. With insights into content usage from sales, the marketing team creates higher-value content that delivers key messages, enabling the sales reps to effortlessly personalize presentations for a more interactive and engaging buyer experience.

“We knew right away that Givaudan would be wonderful to partner with,” said Matt Suggs, Mediafly EVP of Sales. “Givaudan has a highly technical and dynamic portfolio of thousands of products and has thrived on Mediafly’s technology. Not only have they moved away from generic and static pitches, they’ve differentiated themselves from competitors by increasing marketing and sales efficiency.”

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