TextUs Introduces The “Text Us” Call to Action – The Evolution of the “Contact Us” That Lets Customers Text Message Businesses

Phone and email follow-up aren’t enough — the “Text Us” call to action link lets customers start texting with your business

TextUs, the most popular business-class text messaging software, announced that it will introduce the “Text Us” call to action, allowing customers to start 1:1, real-time conversations with a single click from a website, email, or anywhere on the web.

Traditionally, businesses have relied on conventional “Contact Us” calls to action with phone, email, and forms as a primary means of engagement. In the age of real-time communication, TextUs is bringing business-class text messaging™ forward as a more convenient, instant way for professionals to communicate.

The “Text Us” call to action adds another conversation starter to your website and converts online prospects into real-time text messaging conversations with your employees.

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“‘Visit Us.’ ‘Call Us.’ ‘Email Us.’ These typical calls to action are outdated and don’t meet the needs of an on-demand economy, driven by real-time communication,” said Ted Guggenheim, CEO and co-founder of TextUs.

“We see the ‘Text Us’ call-to-action as the evolution in direct communication. We’ve moved from slow, mass outreach via phone and email to quick, authentic conversations over text and chat. Businesses that don’t evolve with their customers are sure to go extinct.”

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With the popularity of chatbots and social media, the age of real-time communication is in full swing. When you need to directly get ahold of someone, today’s customers expect instant, authentic conversations, which is why text messaging is quickly becoming the preferred way for sales and marketing teams to connect and engage with customers and prospects — on their terms.

TextUs is putting their name into action by helping businesses adopt the “Text Us” call to action based on helping hundreds of customers in recruiting, hospitality, healthcare, and more modernize their communications strategy.

The TextUs platform allows teams to engage contacts by simply text messaging through the 10-digital business phone number they already use for phone calls. Elevating text messaging to a business-class communication service, the platform includes the ability to send conversational SMS campaigns, automate personal text messages, and view in-depth analytics.

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