Opiria Continues Global Expansion

Opiria’s new strategic partnership with Mezzofy gives Opiria access to millions of potential new users across Asia

The Opiria survey platform is very delighted to announce a strategic partnership and mutual technical integration with the Mezzofy digital coupon platform. Mezzofy’s digital vouchers will become fully integrated into Opiria’s surveys as a way to reward users for providing their opinions and feedback.

Surveys and digital coupons are strongly supporting each other. Vouchers are often used to reward users for answering surveys. But almost more importantly, surveys are a common way in Asia to distribute digital vouchers and attract more shoppers.

This new partnership and integration will allow Mezzofy to offer Opiria’s survey platform to their more than 2,000 existing customers all over Asia that are currently distributing a growing number of 2 million digital vouchers monthly.

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“We are so excited to have a partnership with Opiria. Opiria is providing comprehensive online surveys which are a perfect match with our digital coupon service. We strongly believe we will have very good synergy after our integration and provide more powerful solutions to our merchants which will be beneficial to consumers,” says Dicky Ying (Founder & CEO of Mezzofy).

On the other side, Opiria’s existing customers in Europe and North America are given a great solution with Mezzofy’s vouchers to reward their users for filling out surveys, thus making this partnership mutually beneficial to both companies and a clear win-win situation.

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“I’m very happy that we entered into this partnership with Mezzofy! Mezzofy has a great reach all across Asia with their digital vouchers. Since many companies use surveys to distribute digital vouchers, we are now able to offer a robust integrated solution for all their existing customers with Opiria’s powerful survey technology. This strongly increases our reach to both new customers and new users all over Asia,” says Dr. Christian Lange (Founder & CEO of Opiria).

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