SessionM Delivers New Salesforce Integration to Transform How Global Brands Deliver Real-Time, Personalized Experiences

Putting Customer Data at the Heart of Engagement to Drive Deeper Loyalty

SessionM has announced a new integration with Salesforce CRM, to help brands unlock customer data to fuel interactions. SessionM is directly integrated with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud and Service Cloud to deliver personalized customer experiences across the customer journey, and is now available to all Salesforce customers on Salesforce AppExchange.

Announcing @SessionM Loyalty, a new integration with @Salesforce to help brands unlock customer data and fuel interactions. Now available on the Salesforce @AppExchange. #CNX18

“Brands that are winning today put their consumers and shoppers at the center of everything they do,” said Shelley Bransten, Senior Vice President of Retail & Consumer Goods at Salesforce. “With Salesforce and SessionM, brands can transform and personalize the shopping experience and drive customer loyalty.”

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SessionM analyzes data from Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud and Service Cloud and enriches it through machine learning and predictive analytics based on behavioral and transactional data. A unified customer view with calculated loyalty metrics such as customer lifetime value, recommended offers and program status is available throughout the Salesforce ecosystem to help tailor the next customer interaction. With SessionM, brands have access to relevant customer data at their fingertips to anticipate a customer’s needs and deliver the right personalized experience at the right time.

Tomm Miller
Tomm Miller

“In order to provide our customers with exceptional service, product knowledgeability and a frictionless experience, we need to understand how they interact with each of the individual touchpoints within the Barneys New York brand,” said Tomm Miller, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Barneys New York.

Tomm added, “With the launch of a tender neutral loyalty platform combined with an enhanced customer service application, we are able to demonstrate our appreciation for a broader customer base and personalize their shopping experience, which inevitably builds deeper brand loyalty amongst our new and existing customers.”

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Lars Albright
Lars Albright

For joint clients, including Barneys New York, SessionM helps drive value across the entire customer lifecycle. For example, a single customer action could trigger a customer journey in Marketing Cloud with a personalized offer, allow the customer to pay for an item with loyalty points via Commerce Cloud at checkout or prioritize their Service Cloud interaction due to a program status.

“The conversation has evolved from ‘I need a new loyalty program’ to ‘I need to deliver personalized experiences to my customers so they come more often, and ultimately spend more.’ Those kinds of experiences are the new definition of loyalty – and they invariably start with understanding customer data and making it actionable to all systems in real time,” said Lars Albright, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder at SessionM.

Lars concluded, “With our Salesforce integrations, we deliver game-changing insights that allow brands to engage with smarter, better and more timely experiences across any channel or touchpoint.”

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