SPOTIO Launches New Platform to Help Field Sales Teams Close More Deals

SPOTIO, the leading field sales enablement platform for sales reps and managers, announces a new product offering for field sales teams to increase revenue, improve productivity, and shorten sales cycles in the field.

SPOTIO, the leading field sales enablement platform for sales reps and managers, announced today a new product offering for field sales teams. This launch accommodates the needs of outside sales teams in both the door-to-door and business-to-business markets.

Founded by Trey Gibson in 2014, SPOTIO was created with two purposes in mind: enable door-to-door sales reps to be more efficient with their time, and give sales managers the power to realize a greater return on outside sales efforts.

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“As a former home improvement business owner with large door-to-door sales teams, I was inspired to build something that would be valuable for both the manager and sales rep,” said Gibson.

After four years of servicing primarily D2D companies, SPOTIO has turned its focus to the holistic field sales market.

“Over the years, we recognized an interesting trend, it wasn’t only the residential sales teams that were experiencing inefficiencies in the field, but the B2B sales teams lacked an effective mobile solution in the field as well,” added Gibson. “We took the signal from the market, and for the last 18 months, have been diligently building a new platform to support all types of field sales teams. I’m proud to say, we’ve accomplished that. I couldn’t be more excited about what’s ahead.”

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SPOTIO has been in beta with several dozen customers to ensure its market readiness. “We’ve been using the new product for the last few months and our team has been blown away,” said Rob Moore at Oak Street Health, “SPOTIO is solving a huge need in the marketplace for both reps and management.”

SPOTIO will continue to support the original platform in the app store (Apple & Google Play) and via desktop. Moving forward, the original product will be referred to as “SPOTIO Legacy.” The new product, which is available now, as simply “SPOTIO”. Current customers can contact their Customer Success Manager to discuss upgrading.

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