Basis by Centro Expands Programmatic Advertising Capabilities for Native and Digital Audio

Basis Further Automates Digital Media Planning, Activation, Reporting and Reconciliation for all Channels, Ad Units and Buying Tactics

Centro, a global provider of advertising technology,  announced enhanced programmatic advertising capabilities for native and digital audio that push marketers toward complete automation for all media buying and execution. Centro’s Basis is a digital media platform that facilitates planning, activation, reporting and billing reconciliation for all channels, ad units and buying tactics through a single interface. New platform integrations give advertisers access to more global ad opportunities—with reliable and long-standing supply partners for native (including Google Ad Manager, Nativo, Rubicon Project, Smaato, Verizon Media) and digital audio (including Targetspot, and TuneIn).

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“Our advancements in Basis focus on driving automation by eliminating extra steps in campaigns from start-to-finish,” says Katie Risch, CMO of Centro. “Now, with more robust native and audio ad capabilities, Basis provides agencies with the most comprehensive access to programmatic and direct inventory in one place.”

Native and digital audio ad capabilities in Basis allow agencies and marketers to:

  • Automate direct buying workflow (RFPs, negotiation and IOs) with any vendor for native, digital audio and other formats
  • Access global supply via programmatic buying on major ad exchanges (including previously announced Sharethrough and TripleLift native ad integrations)
  • Host and manage native ad creative
  • Transcode audio files to simplify ad serving
  • Automate inbound reporting from major search and social media vendors
  • Improve decision-making with data from all channels for a complete picture of digital investment

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“We’re excited to partner with Centro in its new rollout of advanced native advertising support in Basis,” said Gareth Noonan, GM, Americas at Smaato. “The opportunities with native, and especially native video, are quickly spreading across our global in-app publisher base, and we look forward to helping advance the growth of programmatic buying with this partnership.”

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