Crossix Launches DIFA TV to Transform TV Analytics for Healthcare Marketers

The industry-leading Crossix DIFA™ Platform now supports TV measurement and optimization

Crossix announced it has launched DIFA TV, a television advertising measurement platform. Healthcare brands can use DIFA TV to understand how effectively their national TV advertising is reaching a relevant health audience, the health actions that are taken after exposure and the business outcomes as a result. The platform provides results in-flight, allowing marketers to identify where there are opportunities to adjust TV spend and media weight.

The launch of DIFA TV is the latest major enhancement made to Crossix DIFA, the best-in-class platform for measuring and optimizing healthcare advertising. The DIFA platform is the standard measurement solution for the industry, with over 70 percent market share of digital marketing campaigns. More than 120 health brands use DIFA to measure and optimize their digital marketing, and Crossix can now bring that same level of reporting to the TV-buying side of the business.

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“The days of relying solely on demo-based buys and post-campaign measurement are over,” says Dan Stein, SVP, Head of Product Strategy at Crossix. “Marketers are demanding real-time access to information to inform spend and allocation of resources. DIFA TV offers a powerful platform for marketers at all stages of the advertising process, from upfront planning, to in-market reporting, to post-campaign ROI measurement. The entire DIFA platform uses the same methodology and metrics to allow for cross-channel analytics.”

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“Healthcare advertising today requires marketers to be more agile than ever before. The Bayer Women’s Healthcare business is at the forefront of utilizing real-time, data-driven insights to deliver the right message at the right time to the right audience,” said Lesa Henry, Vice President, Bayer Women’s Healthcare. “The new DIFA TV platform ensures greater transparency into the impact of our marketing campaigns so that we are making more insightful, strategic decisions.”

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