Mobiquity Technologies Expands Product Offering

New Creative Management Platform Provides Seamless Functionality to Existing Ad Tech System

Mobiquity Technologies, Inc., a leading provider in next generation advertising technology, announces the release of AdCreatr, a rich media self-service creative management platform that enables marketers to build highly engaging creative ad units.

The new product is intended to complement the Advangelists platform, providing integrated creative management functionality to the existing suite of programmatic media buying and audience data capabilities.

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“Nearly everyone in the advertising industry is seeking to solve the ‘tech tax’ dilemma; the incremental vendor fees and the operational burdens of a broken ecosystem that advertisers endure when buying programmatic media,” said Dean Julia, CEO of Mobiquity Technologies. “The Mobiquity set of product offerings is constructed to eliminate the seams among disparate technologies, ultimately improving campaign performance and aiding in cost transparency between vendors.”

The AdCreatr product will initially provide mobile and desktop rich media creative advertising, but has a roadmap to quickly expand into CTV, digital OOH, and other rapidly rising digital advertising formats already supported by Mobiquity Technology’s subsidiary companies.

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Mobiquity provides a fully integrated set of advertising tools that work together to provide greater performance and efficiency. “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts,” continued Mr. Julia. “AdCreatr will enhance our integrated product offering with creative functionality and provide greater value to our advertiser clients. There are ad tech companies valued at over $100 Million that operate as individual feature parts, and still fail to conform with the demands of the advertising ecosystem. Our approach is to construct a full-featured set of integrated cloud-based ad tech offerings that scale with the marketer.”

The product had been in beta for the past 6 months, proven and used by many Advangelists’ advertisers as a managed campaign service. This product announcement releases AdCreatr as a self-service component available to all marketers seeking to add creative management to their programmatic marketing cloud functions.

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