New Digital Ad Fraud Awareness Research Study by tribeOS Reveals Alarming Disconnect with Experienced Marketers

77% of Marketers Know Ad Fraud Exists Yet Only 20% Believe Their Campaigns are Affected

Ad fraud is not Bigfoot. Proof of it actually exists. The numbers don’t lie. Even so, global industry statistics like $51 Million a day stolen from digital ad programs often fall on deaf ears with even the most savvy marketers.

This urgent message of ad fraud robbery isn’t because marketers are unaware. Marketers do know about ad fraud from bot farms and domain spoofing, but the majority can’t define (or even measure) what those are exactly.

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Fact is, most advertisers don’t feel their ad campaigns are personally at risk. This is just one of many insights gained from a study Ad Tech startup tribeOS conducted via Toronto-based research firm Fuse Insights. In total, over 270 marketers in the US and Canada were surveyed, with over 80% of those buying digital ads and running campaigns on a daily basis.

The research study benchmarked critical factors relevant to online fraud from display and social ads. What causes it? Where does it happen? Are some advertising and social media channels more vulnerable than others? And most important, who’s ultimately responsible and should step forward with a solution?

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As ad fraud expert and tribeOS CEO Matt Gallant shared, “Having personally been robbed of millions due to ad fraud I wondered … how many other marketers suffered the same fate? Unfortunately, my suspicions were confirmed.

Is more education needed? Absolutely. Bottom line, ad fraud crime was impossible to stop before blockchain. And that’s exactly why tribeOS is building the ultimate, ad fraud-free marketplace.”

tribeOS isn’t the only company sounding the alarm about how ad fraud seriously erodes the overall effectiveness of digital advertising. In fact, the current digital environment has become so compromised that Procter & Gamble, the largest brand advertiser in the world, cut their digital ad spend by $200 Million a year and actually increased their reach by 10%.

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On another front, a recent article in Forbes by Bruce Rogers, quoted Dr Augustine Fou, a cybersecurity and anti-ad fraud consultant. He characterized rampant, invisible ad fraud as the “bad guys are laughing all the way to the bank.”

The tribeOS digital advertising marketplace will launch in 2019. It’s an open, transparent and blockchain-based platform where all transactions are visible. The marketplace provides, by far, the fairest digital advertising solution available. It’s also backed by a full suite of tribeOS innovative and proprietary software tools.

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