Optmyzr Announces Release of Campaign Automator

New standalone Pay-Per-Click management application automates and streamlines inventory-based PPC campaigns

Silicon Valley-based Optmyzr unveiled its latest Pay-Per-Click (PPC) software automation offering – Optmyzr Campaign Automator. The standalone application is designed to give PPC professionals powerful tools to build and maintain PPC campaigns based on a feed of data. Campaign Automator is ideal for inventory-based campaigns or others driven by a data feed.

From auto dealerships to travel providers to eCommerce companies or any other business that has frequently updated or changing inventory, Campaign Automator gives Pay-Per-Click pros greater power and flexibility to automate and manage their campaigns. PPC pros can:

  • Start campaigns faster
  • Make bulk changes on the fly
  • Craft campaigns based on unique templates for virtually anything they sell
  • Advertise only those items that meet a specific criteria
  • Show ads that include the very latest promotions

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Campaign Automator starts with a data source, such as a Google Sheet with inventory data, a merchant feed or other data sources such as XML, FTP or Amazon S3. An intuitive user interface guides the PPC professional through an easy step-by-step campaign setup, connecting data sources, defining campaign parameters (goals, keywords, budgets, etc), setting the inventory-related thresholds to determine what gets advertised, and managing bids.

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“We are automating tasks and functions that typically consume many hours, particularly when managing huge numbers of products with a diverse range of product attributes, such as color or specific features,” said Frederick Vallaeys, co-founding CEO of Optmyzr. “In tandem with dramatic automation efficiencies, our new offering still allows significant manual control, which gives talented PPC pros more opportunity to apply their knowledge and strategy instead of spending time manually handling repetitive tasks. They get the best of automation and human control.”

Campaign Automator is compatible with other Optmyzr functions, such as Rule Engine and other optimizations. These integrations make it easier to automate creation of as many individual data-driven campaigns as needed, while providing greater insight and control over bid management, budgets and negative keyword management.

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