Litmus Unveils New Slack Integration to Help Marketers Streamline Their Email Workflow

Litmus, the leading platform for email creation, testing, and analytics, unveiled its new integration with Slack. The integration allows marketers to collaborate with stakeholders more easily and enjoy better visibility into campaign progress right where they work by turning email project activity in Litmus into automatic Slack notifications.

“Slack and Litmus share a belief that seamless collaboration and communication are the bedrock of highly productive teams and efficient workflows,” says Erik Nierenberg, CEO at Litmus. “Creating highly effective email campaigns is a complex task, and empowering teams to better connect the tools and people involved is crucial for sending successful emails at scale.”

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For many email marketers, Slack already plays a key role for staying connected with their teams. With this new partnership, marketers can integrate the power of Litmus with Slack’s communication tools, making it easier to collaborate with stakeholders within and across teams, streamlining the email workflow.

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“Our CRM team started using the Litmus integration with Slack—and we find it really helpful,” says Kylie McCarthy, Director of CRM at Drizly. “It gives us one common channel to communicate on and provides the team with more visibility into the email creation process.”

The new Litmus integration for Slack makes it easy to:

  • Launch campaigns and see results faster Customers can set up and customize automatic Slack notifications to a channel or as a direct message to alert stakeholders when they need to take action, and keep projects moving quickly.
  • Keep teams informed, right where they work Automatic Litmus notifications keep teammates connected to the progress of email campaigns without having to switch between tools.
  • Gain visibility into the status of in-progress email projects When teams juggle multiple email campaigns at the same time, it can be hard to keep on top of each project. With customizable notifications in Slack, project managers get notified when the status of an email project in Litmus changes—for example when a team member creates a Checklist or shares an email for review and approval—and gain better visibility into their projects’ progress.

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SOURCE Litmus Software, Inc.