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StealthMail Helps Businesses Secure Email Communication During Remote Work Caused by COVID‑19

To help organizations mitigate risks associated with remote work and allow them to communicate securely while sharing confidential information via email, StealthMail provides a free trial to its email security service.

As employee interactions have gone into the remote work model, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, StealthMail announces free trial to its email security service with unlimited functionality to respond to the stepped-up cyberattacks, which target sensitive email data. StealthMail service is designed to help ubiquitously dispersed teams to secure their email communication and ensure the safety of collaboration with colleagues, business partners, and foreign customers. In addition, companies, which will subscribe for StealthMail, also get a free 6-month subscription to Office 365 E1 trial and Teams from our partner Microsoft.

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For organizations to preserve business processes and mitigate supply chain disruption in times of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, it is important to adhere to the company’s security policy and eliminate the risks associated with this form of telecommuting. At the same time, the nature of the human factor cannot be discounted. Since the human error may lead to the unintentional leak of confidential data, chances that attackers will take advantage of the fact that users are working outside of the secure perimeter are even bigger.

Understanding the unprecedented contingency case, StealthMail seeks to give organizations an opportunity to protect their email correspondence and avert potential attacks designed to take over the company’s corporate data, while companies shift to remote work. That being said, StealthMail gives free trial to its email security service until the quarantine ends.

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“Knowing that remote workers are facing many additional security risks, aggravated by the prospect of losing their devices, and the use of unsecured Wi-Fi networks, Microsoft and StealthMail are looking to help clients resolve email-induced problems, such as social engineering, impersonation, man-in-the-middle attacks, phishing, and business email compromise.” — Dima Bull, Chief Executive Officer of StealthMail.

StealthMail provides email data security and protection with its patented Secure Dynamic Network and Protocol (SDNP). The protocol ensures the security of data by using scrambling, encryption, and splitting of data packets. To secure data transmission, StealthMail excludes the actual transferring of the content and its attachments via vulnerable channels of communication. Instead of sending data directly, the service sends a link, which only refers to the protected storage controlled by the company. This ensures that all critical data remains in a secure company’s perimeter and never leaves it.

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