Vonage Launches Number Programmability

New API services transform the unified communications and contact center experience with customizable capabilities; Company first to productize this combination

Vonage has announced the launch of Number Programmability on its Vonage Business Cloud (VBC) platform, combining the power of unified communications and communications APIs to quickly and easily customize the business communications experience.

Vonage’s Number Programmability enables any VBC phone number to be programmatically routed to a host of API-driven capabilities, allowing enterprises to customize their communications system to meet their unique business needs – with just a few lines of code. Number Programmability also brings increased capabilities to the new CX Cloud Express contact center package.

Leveraging APIs via Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform, Number Programmability solves business needs that can’t be addressed easily in most off-the-shelf, unified communications solutions. With Number Programmability, Vonage customers now have the building blocks to enhance internal collaboration and external engagement with customers, driving a better employee and customer experience.

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“Companies must focus on innovation to move forward, and digital transformation initiatives often lead the way,” said Jay Patel, Senior Vice President of Product Management for Vonage. “Vonage Number Programmability provides enterprises with unprecedented capabilities to customize communications applications with common web technologies to fuel transformation.”

Mr. Patel added, “Vonage is blurring the boundaries between business communications applications by leveraging cloud unified communications and contact center capabilities with communications APIs, all built from a single stack. Both services are increasingly critical for modern communications, and Vonage is the first to productize these fully extensible communications applications.”

“Vonage is the first provider to bridge the rapid evolution of enterprise applications and programmable communications with a fully integrated offering,” said Dave Michels, Principal Analyst of TalkingPointz. “With Number Programmability, the company is both creating and redefining a full-stack communications solution by combining its unified communications solution, Vonage Business Cloud, and cloud contact center solution, CX Cloud Express, with rich programmable capabilities enabled through its Nexmo API Platform.”

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Built for Business, Loved By Developers
By connecting with a Nexmo Voice application, Number Programmability enables developers to:

  • Programmatically route calls
  • Enable chatbots
  • Create custom communications applications with standard web technologies
  • Create customizable voice and messaging workflows layered on top of unified communications and contact center functionality
  • Integrate with third-party systems, and so much more

With Number Programmability, Vonage’s network of 700,000+ registered developers also receive access to Vonage platform data needed to dynamically route calls. This combination of voice API flexibility, platform data and rich communications applications has never been offered before.

At launch, additional Number Programmability features and functionality that can be enabled via APIs include IVR-driven workflows, voicebots, voice broadcast, call tracking, local proxy dialer and click to call.

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