Brainshark to Integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Brainshark, Inc., which delivers SaaS-based sales enablement and readiness solutions, announced an integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 which enables sales team to have instant access to Brainshark training, coaching and content resources directly from Microsoft’s CRM application. Consolidated access to sales resources enable organizations to achieve greater sales productivity and have clarity about the impact of their sales preparation programs.

Sales teams can now use Brainshark to complete the following tasks directly from within Dynamics 365

  • Rapid creation of high-impact, multimedia content for sales on-boarding, real time learning and more.
  • Deployment of training content and curriculum that enable reps to master their messages and increase sales effectiveness.
  • Provision of video-based sales coaching with manager challenges, rep video responses, and manager and peer feedback readily accessible.
  • Enablement of sales reps to view videos and other assets related to training, coaching and other initiatives – fostering better sales readiness.
  • Better insight into sales program effectiveness with real-time Brainshark viewing, training and coaching analytics.

Steven Wright, senior analyst at Forrester Research, wrote, “The more the solution can integrate seamlessly with the CRM and reduce the need to access one more application, the better it can support seller efficiency by reducing the time required to navigate to and use one more app.”

Brainshark’s integration with Microsoft Outlook in 2016 that empowered reps to easily email Brainshark sales content and sync those activities with Salesforce. Additionally, Microsoft Azure Media Services now hosts video content created by millions of Brainshark users, which ranks Brainshark among Azure’s top 10 video producers worldwide.

According to Brainshark CEO Greg Flynn, “Training, coaching and content form the foundation for improving sales effectiveness. It’s critical that sales teams are able to easily find these resources – when and where they need them – so they can be better prepared to close more deals faster. We’re glad to extend our partnership with Microsoft and, in response to customer demand, offer this unique functionality to Dynamics users – so they can seamlessly access Brainshark training and coaching resources without ever leaving the CRM.”

The newly introduced integration is the latest in a series of partnership activities between Brainshark and Microsoft and the former has recently launched Brainshark Labs at the 2017 Microsoft Build conference. The event had witnessed company leaders share insights on how they are innovating with Microsoft’s Cognitive Services and HoloLens mixed-reality simulation technology to improve sales team effectiveness.

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