Introducing ClosePlan Relationship Maps: The Replacement for Whatever Janky Solution You’re Using for Org Maps

ClosePlan, the sales execution platform, is announcing the release of ClosePlan Relationship Maps – a visual, drag-and-drop org mapping tool that links directly to your CRM contact data

ClosePlan Relationship Maps enable sales teams to quickly build powerful account and opportunity maps without leaving their CRM Account or Opportunity pages. Because relationship maps are centrally managed inside their CRM, teams can keep essential customer information within the company for use during selling, onboarding and account planning.

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“Relationships are the most critical part of enterprise selling – to sell effectively you need to focus on the right people, which are not always the most obvious people. Sometimes there’s a complex political structure to navigate, or perhaps a true decision influencer may be a Business Analyst well down the chain of command. A ClosePlan Relationship Map provides the visibility required to focus on the right people and relationships, so you can close deals more effectively,” said Scott Johnson, CEO of ClosePlan.

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Johnson added, “From the very beginning we set out to build an app that’s easy to use, saves time, and provides immediate value right out of the box – and we feel that we’ve achieved that with ClosePlan Relationship Maps.”

ClosePlan Relationship Maps benefits the entire sales organization, helping to:

  • Create a relationship map with your CRM contact data for a better understanding of your customers and prospects
  • Provide sales leadership immediate visibility into deal alignment
  • Assign business role and decision-making status for each stakeholder
  • Understand stakeholder coverage by quantifying the relationship status
  • Add influence line, conflict lines and informal reporting lines to better understand the organization power structure

ClosePlan™ Relationship Maps provides visibility and collaboration across opportunities, contacts, and accounts.

Get the ClosePlan™ Relationship Maps demo right now and start optimizing your opportunity-to-close process.

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