Modus Engagement Launches App Data Room on the Salesforce AppExchange

Built on the Salesforce Platform, App Data Room allows you to view analytics of sales activity and compare usage

Mobile sales enablement platform, Modus Engagement has launched the App Data Room on the Salesforce AppExchange, to enable users to browse, search, and share App Data Room content directly from within the app.

Kori O’Brien, SVP, ISV Sales, Salesforce, said, “Everyone and everything is getting smarter and more connected than ever before, and companies are looking to transform the way they connect with customers, partners and employees. By leveraging the power of the Salesforce Platform, App Data Room provides customers with an exciting new way to save time for sales teams.”

App Data Room is the enterprise sales enablement and marketing asset performance platform. It is used to deliver the perfect presentation, in addition to capturing leads.

Key Features

Adam Luckeroth, VP Sales, Modus Engagement
Adam Luckeroth, VP Sales, Modus Engagement

The platform increases the accuracy of important customer data by automatically updating lead and contact records for content and media interactions within activity logs during a sales call.

Comprehensive analytics provide insight on content effectiveness, the prospect, and customer engagement.  This provides holistic information and gives the sales team more time to spend on sales.

Adam Luckeroth, VP Sales, Modus Engagement, said: “The app is great because as representatives use our mobile or web app to present and send information to customers, that interaction is captured, lessening the need for data entry. For trade shows it is amazing knowing that every lead collected is automatically entered and mapped to all the fields that are important to me and the rest of management.”

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