Sendbloom Joins ClearSlide Partner Program to Optimize End-to-End Sales Funnel Automation

via Sendbloom
via Sendbloom

Personalization and sales enablement may not have made the best pairing couple of years ago. In 2017, they hold the key to the most sustainable form of customer engagement that leads to conversion. The latest partnership between the leading Sales Engagement platform ClearSlide and sales automation platform Sendbloom brings together a plethora of opportunities for sales teams to accelerate their conversions and improve ROI.

ClearSlide, a leader in sales engagement platforms, can help businesses grow and differentiate with value-added solutions through its partner program. Sendbloom, now a partner, will offer users seamless access to ClearSlide’s unique sales activity and engagement data platform. Using ClearSlide’s open APIs, Sendbloom customers can automatically upload content, insert trackable content links, and leverage detailed customer engagement data within sales enablement applications and workflows.

By partnering with ClearSlide that seamlessly integrates sales content with personalized email automation, Sendbloom intends to drive persistent prospect engagement by delivering most effective content at your sales team’s dashboard.

via Sendbloom
via Sendbloom

“We’re delighted to join ClearSlide’s valuable partner program,” said Ross Epstein, Sendbloom CEO and co-founder. “Combining ClearSlide’s Sales Engagement Platform with Sendbloom helps SDRs and inside sales easily add rich digital content within their Sendbloom touches. Our partnership with ClearSlide provides an end-to-end sales funnel optimization solution combining our respective strengths.”

Michael Schultz, ClearSlide VP of marketing and business development, says, “Every sales team can immediately leverage the integration to improve prospecting connections and close rates – and marketing teams can scale the usage and ROI of sales content.”

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ClearSlide Content

“ClearSlide and Sendbloom are two of our most critical tools we use for driving sales productivity,” says Jeff Van Tatenhove, Relationship Science VP of client development. “With their products now integrated, we can drive even greater sales efficiencies and effectiveness in our sales process.”

ClearSlide and Sendbloom, together, will offer a tangible solution to challenges in sales enablement, providing seamless integration between robust content management and customer engagement analytics into fully-automated prospecting campaigns. Furthermore, sales reps using Sendbloom will be able to connect with and focus on engaged buyers by leveraging ClearSlide’s marketing-approved and media-rich content.

via Sendbloom
via Sendbloom

Adding ClearSlide’s real-time notifications and analytics into its sales automation platform enables Sendblooom to provide most instant feedback on campaign performance, including insights on email opens, link clicks and engagement report. Sales reps can gain rapid insights into what is working, and what’s not, helping teams to accelerate sales cycle without losing customers.

According to the latest report by market expert Heinz Marketing, nearly 65% of the sales and marketing professionals find the existing sales processes very complex without sales enablement technology. The 2017 State of Sales Enablement study identifies 52% of the sales teams are empowered to deliver a tightly aligned sales process with the customer’s journey. 75% of the respondents in the study reported a significant increase in their sales performance using sales enablement tools in the last 12 months.

According to another industry research, sales reps spend on average 440 hours per year looking for the right content during their sales processes. Once found, most sales teams either find the content too obsolete or complex to be aligned with customer journey.

Earlier, ClearSlide won the 2017 Business Intelligence Group (BIG) Innovation Award and was also named as the Enterprise Software Product of the Year by Aragon Research. The sales engagement platform was recognized for the success of its ION.