Xtensio Launches ‘Xtensio For Business’ for Full-funnel Document Management

New Productivity Suite Helps Businesses Create, Manage and Share Visual Document and Presentations

Xtensio, a SaaS-based document collaboration platform, announces the launch of its newest offering, Xtensio For Business. This new all-in-one productivity suite is a private and branded space designed specifically for agencies, consultancies, startups, and companies looking to streamline the creation and management of their visual and strategic collateral.

Alper Cakir
Alper Cakir

Alper Cakir, Founder and CEO, Xtensio, said, “Xtensio For Business is the next step in the evolution of work and we are proud to see some of the world’s most prestigious companies, universities, non-profits, and startups sync on Xtensio. Xtensio For Business comes at a time where we use more tools than ever to create our work, yet we need new ways to streamline our processes.”

“Xtensio For Business provides a solution that lets everyone create, and share their documents and projects in a safe, online space, removing redundant steps and tools out of the equation,” added Alper.

Team Space features include;

  • A ‘partial white-labeled’ solution called Team Space: Space is private and branded with a company’s logo and custom URL.
  • No attachments needed: Live documents are always up to date and responsive to all screens. When a user is ready to share, he/she can send a web link or present documents in full-screen (they can download them as a PDF or PNG, too).
  • Increases quality and efficiency: Users can create visual and strategic collateral with the ease of a web-builder and they can streamline their processes with toolboxes. Toolboxes in the suite include guiding templates, editable examples, and ‘how-to’ guides for every step of their workflow, from strategy and operations to business development and marketing.
  • Saves time and money:  Templates can be saved and used within a company’s team or they can be shared with the world. Ultimately, this shortens design and decision time.
  • Boosts productivity:  Team members, clients, and stakeholders can be looped in to collaborate on projects in real-time and control access levels to keep work secure.
  • Manages progress straight from the app:  Basic analytics of a team’s projects are readily available, including open rates, how many collaborators are working on the folio, and how many edits have been made, how many revisions there are.
Robin Bramman
Robin Bramman

Robin Bramman, Founder and CEO, Brandtini, said, “Xtensio is my go-to tools app where I can build out my own branded templates to use in presenting my clients brand visual work kits. I also value the ability to collaborate with my team on projects, as Team Space allows for multiple levels of collaboration. I am very  excited about creating new templates using Team Space.”

Alper added, “With Xtensio For Business, companies can save their own branded templates and create their organization’s unique framework. Xtensio helps reach and communicate strategic decisions more effectively while easing the document/presentation flow with clients, investors, and other stakeholders.”

Xtensio was initially created as an easy alternative for startups looking to create “one pagers”. This platform has since transformed to offer presentation tools for a variety of industry and individual needs. Xtensio For Business includes interactive and collaborative templates for entrepreneurs, marketers, designers and project managers.

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