Aventri Unveils Next-Generation SMM Solution

Event management software (EMS) leader Aventri announced a game-changing strategic meetings management platform developed in collaboration with meeting and procurement experts at Fortune 100 companies.

Aventri unveils game-changing strategic meetings management platform

The new Aventri platform for Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) delivers a robust SMM solution that fits the complex needs of enterprise clients, while also simplifying the process for meeting planners. The solution drives meeting success with unified data through a robust suite of tools:

  • Customizable Meeting Request & Approval Workflow – Delivering instant visibility into meeting activity at every stage of the approval process, allowing event professionals to gain real-time business intelligence to optimize savings, efficiency and compliance.
  • Integrated Venue Sourcing and Booking Process – Enabling teams to manage the entire venue procurement process on a single platform. This makes it easier to leverage collective buying power and proactively address financial and legal risks.
  • Comprehensive Budgeting Capabilities – The flexible solution handles different budgeting processes for all sizes and types of events, industries and planner skill levels. Planners gain clarity on financial information and performance to control spend, leverage volume and improve negotiations.
  • Enterprise Meeting Management Calendar – Centralizes the capture of all meeting and request information, providing visibility into and control of activity across an organization to manage risk and reduce cost.
  • Advanced Data Aggregation and Real-Time Reporting – Organizations get the business intelligence they need to make strategic decisions with cross-event data aggregation and real-time reporting they can schedule and send automatically.

“Previously, industry professionals faced limited choices and complex technology for strategic meetings management,” says Aventri CEO Oni Chukwu. “Building on top of our already strong foundation of event management technology, we are disrupting the status quo and providing the industry with the alternative solution they have been looking for.”

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The new solution supports all the essentials of a successful SMM program on one easy-to-use, end-to-end platform.

“Aventri Premium SMM helps teams automate and manage the entire meeting lifecycle,” explains Aventri CTO Shane Edmonds. “The flexible technology powers complex enterprise meetings management. It’s also ideal for organizations just getting started with a meetings program. Clients say it’s a better way to plan, leaving more time to focus on the other jobs that go into producing successful events.”

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