Drift Named a “Cool Vendor” in Conversational Marketing by Gartner

Conversational Marketing Will Be a Recognized Channel of B2B and B2C Customer Engagement and Revenue by 2020

Drift, the world’s first conversational marketing and sales platform, has been named a “Cool Vendor” in Gartner’s new report, Cool Vendors in Conversational Marketing. Gartner conducts annual evaluations of emerging technology companies that are changing the market by addressing a wide array of industry issues and trends.

For the Cool Vendors in Conversational Marketing report, Gartner identified companies that are leading the evolution of marketing with solutions that facilitate and orchestrate conversational experiences including customer acquisition, qualification, and engagement.

Drift named a “Cool Vendor” in Conversational Marketing by Gartner

“Conversational marketing will be a recognized channel of B2B and B2C customer engagement and revenue by 2020, displacing a combination of marketing, sales, and service activities,” said Gartner Analyst Benjamin Bloom and Mike McGuire.

“Conversational marketing includes the use of persistent, stateful, cross-channel dialogues, in a conversational style, to improve customer and business metrics across the Buy/Own/Advocate journey. By adopting some of the style and channels of consumer-to-consumer messaging, conversational marketing strategies can humanize their interactions with consumers.”

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Through a seamless approach to B2B sales and conversational marketing, Drift helps businesses convert more website visitors into qualified leads and schedule more sales meetings with potential customers quickly and easily. Drift enables marketers to cut out traditional, tedious sales and marketing processes using the power of a conversation. Conversations accelerate the typical sales cycle to only take days and minutes rather than months and weeks, ultimately increasing total sales and revenue.

David Cancel
David Cancel

“We created conversational marketing because people need a more modern way to buy from businesses,” said David Cancel, Drift CEO and Founder.

David added, “Drift is like taking your businesses’ best sales rep and making them available on your website 24/7/365 to help everyone who stops by. We believe being recognized as a Cool Vendor in Conversational Marketing validates our work and leadership in Conversational Marketing – but it is only the beginning of our bigger vision to reimagine B2B commerce and change the way businesses buy from businesses.”

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